HGAG Gundam Legilis

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Get ready for this AGE fans, you might want to hide under your bed after seeing this one! Legilis is being released in HG 1/144 scale, and has all the features of the suit in the anime! Most notably of these features is the ability to recreate the Legilis Core, which might be the single creepiest thing the Gundam universe has ever seen. It also features a beam buster, two beam sabers, and a shield, so you can recreate all the poses you want to (including the lesser-known “scare everyone that walks into your room”).

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 Box Art
  • Legilis core and the body can be separated.
  • Two types of eyes, Vagan type and Gundam type are available.
  • The shield's shooting bits gimmicks can be recreated with replacement parts.
  • 7 runners, foil sticker, instruction manual.

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