1/100 GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia

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undam Avalanche Exia made its debut in the "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V" side story serialized in Hobby Japan magazine, and fans can now build the powerful mech with this sharp snap-fit model kit from Bandai! Molded in color and carefully detailed after mecha designer Kanetake Ebikawa's drawings, the Mobile Suit is equipped with its high-mobility hs-A01 Avalanche along with its Seven Sword System. Its armament includes a GN Sword capable of switching into rifle mode, two GN beam daggers, two GN beam sabers, a GN long blade, and a GN short blade. The mech features sharp mechanical detailing throughout, and will be fully articulated with polycap joints upon completion. Foil stickers and marking stickers are included.

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1/100 GN-001/hs-A01 Avalanche Exia Package Art
  • 1/100 scale kit of the incredibly popular "Gundam Avalanche Exia" as introduced in the pages of Hobby Japan magazine's "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V" series!
  • Unique shoulder armor units are posable, with internal nozzles that can extend outwards.
  • The belt connecting the back armor plates is molded out of a flexible material.
  • All weapons feature latches for mounting on the body.
  • Includes GN sword, GN longblade, GN short blade, two GN beam sabers, two GN beam daggers, and a GN shield.

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