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About GP Point System

about GP Point system

What are GP Points?

  • "GP points" is a reward points system which can be used at both and
  • All earned GP Points are available for 1 year. You will get an email notification from us 45 days before their expiration.

How to earn GP Points

  • 2 cents of every full dollar of the purchase price will be rewarded as GP points for the purchase of regular items. For example, on a purchase of $100, you earn 200 GP Points.
  • Write reviews of purchased items; you will earn 3 GP points for each approved review.
  • Recommend Gundam Planet to your friend; you can get 200 GP Points when your friend makes his/her first purchase.
  • GP Point Events: GP points will be rewarded to winners of special events (to be announced).

How to use GP Points

  • GP points rewarded at the time of each purchase can be redeemed at any time towards future purchases.
  • GP Points can be used 200 at a time for a discount of 2 dollars off the order total.

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