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About Gundam Planet

This Is Gundam Planet

Gundam Planet is a growing team of specialists who are all extremely passionate about the entire range of import Japanese collectible and hobby products. Our goal is to eventually complete a perfect Gundam catalog on our website for Gundam fans, and that is also our commitment. Gundam Planet wants to share in every experience with all of you in all things plastic model related, and we promise to deliver our great products to you from the office in New Jersey.

Making the Planet Smaller

Previously, it was difficult to find Gundam products outside of a few that were made available in US retail stores. We are constantly striving to find new ways to bring a wider variety of better products to everyone who wants them. By being the largest provider of Gundam products on the east coast, we hope to give options to those looking to order from closer than Japan or California.

Small Business Feel with Big Business Performance

As individuals who have previously been customers in this industry, we understand everything that makes a shopping experience enjoyable. We are dedicated to maintaining only the highest quality in shipping speed, packing, communication and product selection, without sacrificing any of our commitment to excellent customer service. Every time you contact us, you'll be greeted by a real person!

Not only are we constantly striving to improve the shopping experience online, but also the community experience locally. By offering open base times and classes and holding holiday gatherings, we hope to make Gundam Planet not only a great place to shop, but also a great place to spend time with others who share your passion for the products.

The Great Stuff

PREMIUM KITS: We are deeply connected to plastic kit modelers to guarantee our product quality is at the maximum level. We choose products with only the best quality from worldwide markets to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. All the products are handled and delivered from our suppliers to our office and then to you with the utmost care.

PERFECT TOOLS: We support not only the plastic model kits but also the professional tools with which to build them correctly and effectively.

Thank you, every one of you, for showing your interest in our products.

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