Armor Girls Project MS Shojo Gundam Mk-II Titans

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Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the introduction of a brand new Mobile Suit Girl into the ranks of the Armor Girls Project (AGP) series. Welcome the adorably pig-tailed AGP MS Shojo Gundam Mk-II Titans!! She can easily change from the Gundam Mk II style into the Barzam style for double the play value. This special Titans color set comes with original G Defenser support craft. The G Defenser can also be re-arranged as armor! Set includes a beam rifle, Vulcan pod, shield, rifle magazine (x3), Barzam parts, grenade launcher, interchangeable face parts (x3), interchangeable hands (x6), articulated arm, G Defenser, and G Defenser attachment part (back and front x2).

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Armor Girls Project
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MS Shojo
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Product Description

  • Height: 140mm (5.5')
  • Material: ABS and PVC
    Comes with
  • Body
  • Beam Rifle
  • Interchangeable hands (3 each) / Faces (x3)
  • Vulcan Pod
  • Shield
  • Rifle Magazine x 3
  • Barzam Parts
  • Grenade Launcher
  • G Defenser

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