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A 2023 Message from the Gundam Planet Team

A 2023 Message from the Gundam Planet Team

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been with Gundam Planet & Figurise in 2023!
We're TIRED but feel great about everything we accomplished in 2023, and hopefully you feel the same way--maybe without the tired part though!

We got back to making videos and building model kits this year, and once again we were floored by how far the technology continues to come. The MGSD and MGEX lines keep raising the bar and we hope they never stop! We also hope that you got to experience all of the kits that you hoped to build this year!

If you're not here for kits, then perhaps you've fallen down the slippery slope of *collectible figures.* We got trapped by their wiles a couple years ago and keep accumulating more, and we look forward to bringing our selection of them (and passion for them) to more places in maybe some conventions??

On that note, our absolute favorite part of 2023 was being able to participate in more local events than ever before, and meet and communicate with so many new enthusiasts we hadn't met. Next year, we hope to have even more opportunities for engaging in fun social activities and events in New York, New Jersey, and hopefully even beyond!

Thank you all for your support, and we'll see you all again next year!

- From the Gundam Planet Team -

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