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BANDAI Hobby Mar 2019 Announcement: July ~ September 2019

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BANDAI Hobby Mar 2019 Announcement: July ~ September 2019

July 2019 Arrivals

HiRM Gundam Astray Noir from Gundam Astray

A special Astray secretly developed as part of the Actaeon Project, it is the personal machine used by Dante Gordigiani to battle Gai's Gundam Blue Frame Astray in the "Gundam Seed Destiny Astray B" story.  Utilizing a pre-painted die-cast and plastic frame used on the Hi-Resolution model Gundam Astray Red frame, this unit features a variety of matte and and gloss finishes.  Newly molded parts like the Noir Striker feature points of articulation designed to recreate its different flight weapon modes including linear cannons that can rotate and detachable swords in the wings.  Dante's personal weapons that utilizes katanas mounted on beam pistols has been faithfully recreated and features a beautiful chrome finish.  Die-cast plastic frame, Runner x20, Sticker, Instruction Manual

HGUC Silver Bullet Suppressor from Gundam NT

A variant of the Silver Bullet used in "Gundam NT", it features new molding to reflect the new head, backpack, and arm gimmicks.  The exchange system mechanism which allows the machine to switch out the faulty arm from Beam Magnum use has been faithfully recreated and includes 4 additional arm units.    Runner x 14, sticker, instruction manual.

Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2 from Kamen Rider

The genius gamer joins Figure-rise Standard!   An incredibly deep multi-layer structure has been adopted to recreate Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's colorful look and features clear parts and intricately shaped parts.  Accessories include Gashacon Breaker that can be converted into Blade and Hammer mode, multiple hand gestures, and Game Driver features opening and loading gimmicks for the Rider Gashat.   Runner x 8, sticker, Instruction Manual

August 2019 Arrivals

HGCE Destiny Gundam Heine Westenfluss Colors from Gundam SEED Destiny

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Gundam SEED Destiny", with a special limited release version of the Destiny Gundam in Heine Westernfluss' iconic orange colors!  Focusing on recreating its dynamic action poses, the Destiny Gundam has been rebuilt from the ground up and incorporates new joint in the torso and waist that allow an unbelievable range of motion. In addition, its complete weapon loadout: Long Range Energy Cannon, Beam Rifle, Arondight Anti-Ship Sword, Beam Boomerangs, Beam Shield is included down to the effect parts in its Wings of Light and Palm Fiocina cannon! Runner x 11, Sticker, Instruction Manual.

HG Eldoran 1/300 Magnasaurer from Go-Saurer

The Magnasaurer from the Go-Saurer TV series will be the second Eldoran HG available from Bandai Spirits Hobby!  Capable of transforming from Magna Tyrano into MagnaSaurer through part exchange, it can also combine (gattai) with the BAS5055353  HG Go-Saurer to recreate Super Saurer Jet mode and Nekketsu Busou Magna Buster Mode!   Includes Magana Blade, transpformation parts, Action Base.  Runner x 19, sticker, instruction ManualRunner x 19, sticker, instruction ManualRunner x 19, sticker, instruction Manual.

1/12 R2-Q2 from Star Wars

A droid that appears in "Star Wars" Episode 4 similar to R2-D2 and provides support and repairs, it includes a display base  Runner x 5, stickers, Instruction Manual.

September 2019 Arrivals

HGUC Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex Unicorn Mode (NT Ver) [Gold Coating] from Gundam NT

The Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex re-appears in the year UC 0097 following its mysterious disappearance prior to the events of "Gundam Unicorn".  HGUC Phenex's outer armor is molded in metallic gold coloring and the Psycho Frame is done in translucent blue plastic.  Includes: Bazooka, blue beam sabers, and detachable tails for the Armed Armors.  Runner x 10, Sticker x 1, Instruction Manual x 1

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