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BANDAI Hobby Mar 2019 Announcement: May ~ June 2019

BANDAI Hobby Mar 2019 Announcement: May ~ June 2019
Bandai hobby's March 2019 new announcement. RG Crossbone Gundam X1, SDCS Gundam Ground, MG Gundam NT-1 Ver 2.0, RE/100 Zaku II FZ and etc!

May 2019 Arrivals

Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Gotenks from Dragon Ball Z

The fused form of Goten and Trunks appears in model kit form! Super articulated and includes all types of effects for display including Super Ghosts and Galactic Donut as well as hands for different gestures and attacks. Runner x 10, sticker, Instruction Manual

RE/100 Vigna-Ghina II from Gundam F91

A Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) of Vigna-Ghina from "Gundam F91"! New parts have been created for the body and includes new head, trigger finger parts, wing nozzles, and weapons like shot lancer. Runner x 15, sticker, instruction manual.

RG Crossbone Gundam X1 from Crossbone Gundam

Part of the GunPla Evolution project, the RG Crossbone explores extreme detail and reproduction of character gimmicks and features on smaller sized models. Features include a new Advanced MS Joint has been developed to allow docking of the core fighter on very small models, high detail part recreation and separation on tiny parts including shape of the Vulcans, Skull markings, and eyepatch as well as the heat dissipation function of the face. A variety of weapons including Zanbuster, 2 Brand Markers, 2 Heat Daggers, 2 Beam Sabers, beam shield, Anti-Beam Coating cloak with pre-molded combat damage, 2 scissor anchors, feet heet daggers, pilot figure. Runner x 10, realistic decal, instruction manual

SDCS Ground Gundam from Gundam 08th MS Team

Cute SD version of the RX-79[G] Gundam from "The 08th MS Team!" Includes detachable weapons container that can open to store weapons and shield that can be used as stabilizing stand. Compatible with SDCS frame to recreate tall form and includes new waist part for knee bending poses on SDCS frame. Includes 100 mm machine gun, 180 mm cannon. Runner x 5, sticker, instruction manual.

SDCS Silhouette Booster (white)

New parts to extend the range and fun of SDCS kits! Includes new hand, thigh, and arm parts. Also includes GM head! Runner x 1, sticker, Instruction Manual.

June 2019 Arrivals

SDCS Mazinkaiser from Mazinkaiser

The ultimate Mazinger appears on the SDCS line! Able to be built as either cute short form or aggressive tall form. Includes Kaiser Scrander, Final Kaiser blade, and detachable Kaiser Pilder as well as different hand parts! Runner x 6, sticker, Instruction Manual

SDCS Shin Getter from Shin Getter Robot

An articulated SD Shin Getter appears! Build Shin Getter as either a cute chibi form or aggressive tall form powered by Getter Rays. Includes Getter Tomahawk, Getter Battle Wing, and hand parts. Runner x8, sticker, instruction Manual.

MG Gundam NT-1 Ver 2.0 from Gundam 0080

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket", a new version of the Gundam NT-1, code named "Alex" re-appears in the MG line! Utilizing new inner frame structure and armor proportions, the Alex has been re-designed from the ground up and includes new features such as opening shield and armor for arm mounted gatling guns and thrusters, broken blade antennae, and mask that was previously only seen on the SD Gundam version. All original Alex features and weapons including Chobam Armor with hyper realistic internal frame, beam rifle, beam sabers, hyper bazooka are included. Runner x 22, 2 vinyl cover for upper arms, sticker, instruction manual

July 2019 Arrivals

RE/100 Zaku II FZ from Gundam 0080

Featuring a new internal structure that utilizes KPS plastic instead of PC parts for joints, the Zaku FZ from "Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket" arrives as an injection plastic 1/100 model for the first time as part of its 30th Anniversary! New structure allows expanded range of motion within chest and cockpit block, while color separation allows small details to be recreated as unique parts. Includes interchangeable head parts to recreate commander and Fritz versions of head and features Heat Hawk, MMP-80 machine gun, hand grenades. Runner x 12, sticker, Instruction manual.

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