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Checking out the Atsuko x Gundam collection!

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GP Nick wrote this. -4m

If you couldn't guess by the business we all run here, we love all things Gundam--not just the models and figures we sell either! Art, pins, shirts, you name it, we want it. So when Atsuko reached out to me about their new collection of Gundam-inspired items, of course I wanted to get a look at them for myself!

Atsuko was nice enough to provide a selection of lifestyle items beyond the normal "Anime Shirt" choices we all know and love, so I'm here to show you!

First, this box was jam-packed. As someone who works at an e-commerce business, I appreciate packing efficiency.

I'm not going to dwell too much on the shirts in this post, cause you're definitely gonna see me wearing these in a GP video. They're cotton so they're a little stiff out of the box, but a quick wash cycle takes care of that. Careful on the dry temperature so they don't shrink!

The one thing I HAD to have is the socks. I have no idea what outfit and shoes these could match with, but you all are probably much better at accessorizing than I am so I have faith. The proportions of the drawings on these are delightfully classic, and there's just something about looking down and seeing the dopey OG Anime Gouf staring up at you while you're relaxing at home. They're thinner material than any padded socks, but I like that so it was a plus for me.

Next up, this TOWEL! I have to say I'm so mad this dropped after beach season because I would have made this the centerpiece of every beach excursion. It's definitely not a bath towel, as it's thinner and coarser material which makes it perfect for beach days. Honestly, it would even make an awesome wall tapestry (even though Atsuko sells actual tapestries too)!

The most surprising thing was the Gundam rug. The pictures on the site make it look like those harder bristle-like rugs you can get for entrance ways at Target, but it's actually a soft and spongy material. It almost feels like a bathroom rug, but you can bet I'm not putting this in such a high-traffic area. It's just too cool to risk messing up--although the tag does state it's easy to machine wash! I decided the most appropriate way to use it was to indicate where to stand while observing your backlog.

One thing I didn't expect to like as much as I did is the Gundam sling bag. It's very small, about 10"x8" of usable storage, perfect for a wallet, keys, phone, and any other on-your-person items you don't want to jam in your pockets. There are multiple inner pockets, so you could even separate pens and notepads from other things if you're a note-taker. As a certified Gundam Planet Guy, I just had to figure out where exactly the design was taken from on the RX-78-2, and as far as I can tell, it's from...the crotch/lower torso? So that's an interesting choice, but the design does translate very well to a bag this size.

Last and certainly not least, the digital print blanket. This classic RX-78-2 design along with the Gundam name is the most minimalist design of everything we received, but we love how soft it is. It quickly became the blanket of choice for lounging, especially now that nights are getting colder but you don't quite want to turn on the heat yet. There are a couple art choices for this one, but I really like the simplicity of this. It almost says, "yes I build plastic model kits in my spare time but I am sophisticated in my sensibilities." (As if that matters!)

Long story short, if you're looking for a solid variety of ways to incorporate Gundam into your home and fashion life, Atsuko is a great place to go. They have an entire collection page up with over 50 items ranging from hoodies to bags and even slide sandals!

Click here to check it out!

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