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~*Figurise Review*~ figma Seto Kaiba

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~*Figurise Review*~ figma Seto Kaiba
08/22/2018 Figurise Column

figma Seto Kaiba

Woah! Two reviews in one week? The absolute madman, you must be thinking! But yes, here we are! Another Figurise review! At one point I thought it was a better idea to pace myself, but I haven’t stopped thinking about figma Kaiba after our shipment rolled up late last week - so I figured what the heck, let’s open this guy up! It’s been a couple years since figma Yugi was released and now his best frenemy is here to play some gosh darn children’s card games!

After just reviewing S.H.Figuarts Ninja Batman, I’m no stranger to a figure who’s box size is only larger than it probably should be due to a large cape situation. It’s really his jacket, but it’s a jacket with some distinctly cape-like properties - so it still counts! Kaiba’s a little light on accessories, but this is another case where he has everything I could really ask him to have, so I don’t really want to complain.

Alright, this was actually slightly more annoying than it probably should have been. The fancy shoulder-cuff things on Kaiba’s jacket are actually completely separate from the rest of it, so unless you specifically move them into place, they have a tendency to swivel upside-down on their own. Super annoying, but not the end of the world. It’s also tough to arrange his legs and feet in a way that looks casual and natural. This is a problem that a lot figures have, but in this case at least Kaiba is the kind of guy who is never casual - so it’s kind of fitting. He looks awesome though, which is usually the go-to reason for buying a figma anyway.

Here’s all his accessories. In figma tradition we get a few things that I really think all figure lines should include. 1. A little rack to keep the hands organized. 2. A bag to put all the accessories in so you can store the box somewhere out of the way. And 3. A STAND. Granted, most figmas would be absolutely unable to stand up without the stand - this doesn’t matter! All figures should come with a stand! It’s 2018! Come on! Otherwise, we have Kaiba’s signature briefcase, a couple cards, his Duel Disk, and a face/eye swap. He also includes an extra face swap for figma Yugi - just to sweeten the deal of buying both! What’s interesting about these two is that you can change their eyes so that each face actually becomes three different faces. It’s kind of weird, but also kind of cool.

This is kind of lame. Instead of just including a little piece of cardboard or even a sticker to make it look like Kaiba’s briefcase is holding his cards, they decided to perforate the cardboard insert in the box to include it. This means you gotta tear it outta there if you want to use it. I know that every figma has that weird little stand included in the same way, but does anyone actually use those? I own a ton of figmas and I have never once thought about actually removing one of those to use. Oh well, I guess. Just seems lazy.

So, what I noticed when I took this picture is that Kaiba’s bangs actually make him way more difficult to photograph than like, any other figure? In person you can see it just fine, but for now you definitely can barely tell that I’m using any of the eye swaps in these pictures. Not really a complaint, but I wanted to make it known in case anyone was thinking you wouldn’t be able to see his eyes in person. Anyway, here’s Kaiba as casual as possible. Holding his briefcase. Just chilling. This is the only pic I took before putting on his Duel Disk and at this point I will never be removing it because why the heck would I ever take it off.

Alright! Now this is the Kaiba we all know and love: a screaming card game boy! His jacket blowing in the wind makes a lot more sense with his arm outstretched and mouth agape. This is the kind of pose that you buy this figure for. Blue eyes white dragon, baby!

Here we see Kaiba deep in thought. Probably trying to figure out if Yugi set a trap card or if it’s just a bluff. Tough to say for sure. I’m not a huge fan of this face, because he looks a little too pleasant. Nobody thinks about Seto Kaiba and thinks “ah yes, what a sweet boy.” It’s just not how it goes. I wish it was a little more of a sinister smirk, but thems the breaks. Definitely will be keeping to that yelling face for my own personal display.

And we’re back at it! Just imagine all the mean and condescending things he could be yelling at Yugi and his crew. So mean! So pompous! I love him! I was having some trouble getting his legs to cooperate, so I think they look a little weird, but at the end of the day, you gotta know that figmas aren’t always the best at doing poses that aren’t advertised on the box. They’re usually heavily stunted by single jointed limbs, but dang they just look and feel fantastic. This means I can really only recommend figma Kaiba to fans of the character or series, but if you’re into The Yugs, I can’t imagine not wanting a nice Kaiba figure.

figma Seto Kaiba get’s a “Exodia? It-it's not possible! out of 10”

Let me know what you thought and see you next time!


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