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Get Ready for the Out of Stock Showdown: Apex Legends East vs. West

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Get Ready for the Out of Stock Showdown: Apex Legends East vs. West
07/13/2021 Events

You know the drill: stock is low, shipments are inconsistent, we get restocks of either 2 HG kits or the one MG that every Barnes and Nobles in the US has 3 of. It's a good time to be into Gunpla.

But what if instead of complaining about distributors and watching the tumbleweeds blow through our warehouse while we wait for permits to clear the slowest building department on planet Earth, we did something fun for our customers to take part in?

Enter the Out of Stock Showdown, a one-day 6-round knock-down drag-out Apex Legends battle for Gunpla store supremacy between Newtype and Gundam Planet! Here are some fun bits:

  • Each store will be represented by 9 teams of 3 customers with prizes going to the best overall performance as well as the best team representing each store.
  • Each store will have their own flagship team to up the ante. After all, what would the fun be if we weren't mixing it up with all of you?
  • Registration is open to solos, duos, and full trios. Registration is first-come first-served and we will do our best to match teams based on registration survey responses.

Now if you want to take a look at all the details and information, click THIS LINK! The Discord is quiet now because we're still 3 weeks out from the day of the tournament, but make sure to fill out the entry survey!

Bring your best and show us what you've got, Legends!

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