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Hobby Items January, February 2019 New Announcement

Hobby Items January, February 2019 New Announcement
Many items too numerous to list!

January 2019 Release

MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) from Gundam NT

One of the 2 units labeled "Stein 01" that was stolen by the Sleeves, it is involved in the conflict between the Phenex and Narrative Gundam in "Gundam NT." Master Grade version uses the highly popular "Ver. Ka" model kit and includes the weapon gimmicks and appearance as featured in the "Gundam NT" movie as well markings designed by Hajime Katoki. Newly designed High Beam Rifle can now combine with the Bazooka for under barrel gimmick and shield now features a grenade launcher. Ornate trim, the signature appearance of the Sleeves faction, surrounds the cuffs and chest of the Sinanju is replicated by molded parts. A special hand for bearing the heft of its main weapons is newly included. Runner x 31, stickers, water slides, instruction manual.

Figure-rise Standard Son Goku Ultra Instinct from Dragon Ball Super

Goku's most powerful state, Ultra Instinct, joints Figure-rise Standard!  His extremely muscular body under his Gi has been faithfully recreated along with the shredded uniform that flaps above his waist belt.  The iconic silver hair and face are molded in multiple sections of plastic that reduce the need for painting but still allow for a sharp sculpt.  Includes multiple hand parts, interchangeable faces such as the clenched teeth expression in his fight with Jiren, and Kamehameha effect parts.  Runner x7, sticker, instruction manual.

Figure-rise Standard Diver Ayame from Gundam Build Divers

Ayame one of the female characters from "Gundam Build Divers" joins the Figure-rise Standard line!    Her ninja costume allows for expressive poses and includes 2 kunai!  3facial expressions that can swap out are included along with her primary masked form.  Also includes stand.  Runner x 16, stickers, water slides, instruction manual.

HGBD GBN-Base Gundam from Gundam Build Divers

"A GunPla controlled by the GBN Admins in "Gundam Build Divers", it resembles the classic RX-78-2 Gundam and is now available as a  HG model kit!  Based on the GBN Guard Frame, it features modified outer armor made to resemble the classic Gundam image.  Includes Beam Rifle, Shield, 2 beam sabers.  Runner x 8, sticker, instruction manual. "

HGUC R-Jarja from ZZ Gundam

A prototype commander unit featured in "ZZ Gundam", its hot color and proportion have been faithfully replicated while retaining an impressive range of motion. Includes beam rifle with heat bayonet, open palm, large beam saber. Runner x 12, stickers, instruction manual

HG Gipsy Avenger (Final Battle Ver.) from Pacific Rim Uprising

Did you join the Jaeger Uprising? Revisit the final battles of Pacific Rim Uprising with this new Gipsy Avenger model kit that features the experimental Thruster Pods that allowed it to reach the battlefield in time. In addition to the backpack, new molded parts are included to equip its arms with Twin Plasma Chainsaws as well as a display stand. As a bonus, 2 different versions of Scrapper are included to replicate scenes in the finale. Weaposns from the original releae including Gravity Sling, Plasma Caster and Chain Sword are also included. Runner x8, stickers, instruction manual. Compatible with LED Unit (Yellow).

Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Ver 7.5 from Ultraman

The seventh suit of Dan Moroboshi as featured in the Ultraman manga will now be available! Suit Ver 7.5 has been faithfully recreated with a silver extra finish and red gloss injected parts. In addition to the Spacium Sword, the kit comes with a special LED that allow the eyes to light up, and includes a new weapon, called EYE SLUGGER, based on an original design by author Eiichi Shimizu. Runner x8, LED, stickers, Minstruction Manual

SDBD RX-Zeromaru Sinkikessho from Gundam Build Divers

Zeromaru's enhanced weapon form, which bears a resemblance to the Full Armor Unicorn, appears! Includes 3 shields, bazooka parts, 2 kunai, katana, rifle, effects, and 2 hand parts. Can also transform into "Real Mode" which resembles a normal proportioned Gundam. Runner x 6, stickers,instruction manual

HaroPla Mobile Haro from Gundam Build Divers

Haro's aren't just cute! They can be perform action poses with the aide of a body unit! This mecha unit allows Haro to easily pilot or detach allowing a complete HaroPla Haro in a striking new color! Customize with various HG Build Custom packs to personalize your own battle Haro! Runner x5, Instruction Manual.

1/12 R2-Q5 from Star Wars

An Imperial maintenance stationed aboard the Death Star that provides support and repairs, it includes a display base plus additional accessories for R2-D2 including computer interphase arm parts as well as the drink arm parts. Runner x 5, stickers, Instruction Manual.

February 2019 Release

HGUC Gustav Karl (UC Ver.) from Gundam Unicorn

The mass-produced versatile MS  from "Gundam Unicorn" will be available as a plastic model kit for the first time!! It features a beam rifle, shield, beam sabers, and an arm mounted rocket launcher. Careful engineering has been put into the proportions, range of articulation, and color recreation of the MS, which has been long awaited by Unicorn fans. Sliding knee gimmicks have been incorporated to allow a larger degree of movement relative to its bulky proportion.   Runner x10, sticker, instruction manual.

SDCS Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed

The second protagonist mecha featured in "Gundam SEED" now available as SD Cross Silhouette model! Its iconic weapons including Lupus Beam Rifle, Baleena Plasma Cannons, and Xiphias Rail Guns can all deploy to perform the Hi-MAT mode as seen in the anime! Pair it with a CS Frame to get different styled proportions! Also includes 2 beam sabers. Runner x7, stickers, instruction manual

1/1000 UNCFD Mars Absolute Defense Line Set from Starblazers

The Earth Federation's main battleship in "Spaceship Battle Yamato 2202", the Dreadnought, is available here as a 2 pack featuring the colors of the Mars-Earth Defense Line and Mars Defense Line. Meticulously detailed and utilizing LED units in the sub engine and wave fire gun create enhanced realism. Display it with the four included Cosmo Tiger II to recreate epic battle scenes! Set includes display base and Cosmo Tiger II squadrons (8 fighters total). Runner x12. Sticker sheet x1. Water slide decal x1. Instruction manual x1. Compatible with Bandai's LED units.

1/12 R5-J2 from Star Wars

An Imperial maintenance stationed aboard the Death Star II that provides support and repairs, it includes a display base plus additional arm accessories for R2-D2 . Runner x 5, stickers, Instruction Manual.

LED Unit Blue

A new LED unit that can be used with various model kits is now available for individual purchase! This LED unit (blue) can be used with various kits such as the Yamato/Star Blazers 1/1000 series as well as GunPla kits. Battery is sold separately (x2 LR41 batteries). Set includes LED unit x1, lid x1, and screw x1.

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