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How New Gunpla Releases Work

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Gundam Planet wrote this. -4y

Hi everyone!
We get questions about when items will be arriving quite a bit, and we’d like to fully and thoroughly explain exactly what goes into new Gunpla release arrivals. So BUCKLE UP, cause we’re about to learn you some serious business!

This guide only concerns Bandai Hobby releases; other products on our site (including Kotobukiya models and all figures) do not operate under this system!

STEP 1: Click this link!

In fact, bookmark it! It will make your life a lot easier! It will take you to the current month's release schedule, but you can change the month with the buttons we've circled.

STEP 2: Find the last release of the month!

Thankfully, this page is listed chronologically, so scroll to the bottom! If we don’t carry any of the items in the last bunch, then scroll up until you find something GP will stock. (NOTE: the layout of this page has changed to now include Web Shop items all the way at the bottom, which DON’T affect our shipping schedule.)

Ok, so you found the latest item we’ll be bringing! Those characters we highlighted are the month and day of those releases in Japan. Since Bandai doesn’t directly distribute globally, no other countries will have the items on that date. To reiterate, Japan is the only country where those items will be available on that day.

That last date you found is the day that all the month’s new items will become available to ship from our distributor, so in this specific case, the Guncannon Detector (which came out on the 10th in Japan) had to wait until the 24th to ship together with the other releases.

Now you just need to add about a week and a half (give or take) in transit, and that’s when you can start to expect to see the new items! Of course it’s subject to change if we have to wait for other major items to be remanufactured, but this general rule will give you a very good idea of when you’ll get your preorders, which, once more with feeling, will not be available in America on their Japanese release date!

We hope this has helped clarify how our schedule works!

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