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Master Grade Deep Striker Preview

Master Grade Deep Striker Preview
This kit is groundbreaking, and we want to get up close with the promo images to see what we can expect!

Honestly, we can't believe this. In 2014, Bandai created the Reborn/100 line, specifically for kits that are too large, obscure, complicated, or any combination of the three for a full Master Grade release. They immediately made good on this by releasing the Nightingale, so comically massive and over-designed that the kit ended up being mostly a statue. We could definitely see where they were going with their idea.

Since then, we've seen teases of a 1/100 Kshatriya, another thing that makes a lot of sense to be a RE/100 in the context of kit design. Otherwise though, the line has begun serving the exclusively obscure mobile suit designs.

There are a couple other suits that would make a lot of sense as RE/100 kits: the three Blue Destiny units (easy to reuse parts for all three, not main-line suits), Psycho Gundam (too massive), Gerbera Tetra (already have the GP04 frame to work with), and basically anything from Sentinel. Sentinel suits are so overdesigned with all their radomes and madness that it would just not be plausible to make them MGs. Can you imagine how insanely back-heavy any EWAC suit would be if it was fully mechanically detailed?

Bandai threw all of this logic straight in the garbage and said, "You know what? Screw that, MG 200 is going to be the DEEP STRIKER, possibly the most over-designed Gundam ever created." Now we can't wait for the P-Bandai MG Hummingbird.

Now that we've talked a whole bunch, let's get to the pictures!

This thing laid out before you is going to be about 21 inches long, and judging by the picture, just about as tall once it's on the stand. The stand doesn't look like it articulates, most likely because it needs to be stable to hold up all that plastic.

From the side you get a really good look at the length of the cannon and just how many thruster tanks are on this mammoth. You can also see how the stand incorporates that extra piece across the back to prop up the two largest propellant tanks, much like the MG Full Armor Unicorn Ver.Ka brackets.

You can also see that what this thing lacks in limbs, it makes up for in vernier nozzles. There will be 8 large thrusters to perfectly complement the 8 large propellant tanks, and everything in between looks to be crafted with meticulous attention to mechanical detail.

Just look at the molding on the mechanisms of this gun. That piping piece is flexible wire covered in mesh, so it won't inhibit the vertical movement of the gun. The piston parts will all be cast in plated silver, mostly likely exactly like the silver in the ZZ Ver.Ka. The red parts on the vent also look to be layered underneath the black, so they'll most likely be correctly-colored out of the box--although that's our speculation, at this point.

Unfortunately for us, that's where the real pictures of the prototype end and the CG renders begin. At least they give you a good idea of the vision Bandai has for the finished product!

Some VERY good news though: although this is a variant of the S Gundam and could have easily been recycled from the entirety of the ridiculous P-Bandai S-Gundam Booster Unit Type release from two years ago, Bandai isn't doing that! They've actually remolded parts of the shoulders and torso to allow for gimmicks like these. (Of course, don't be surprised if the head has been completely recycled from the original)

Now, all that's left to do is wait for this thing to come out in March. It will set you back as much as the older PGs, but it's definitely going to be one of the most mechanically impressive Gundam kits to ever exist!

Don't worry, Dan will be building this when it comes out--don't expect him to paint it though!

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