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Mosquitocon is back, and we're sponsoring the Gundam category!

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Mosquitocon is back, and we're sponsoring the Gundam category!
07/20/2021 Events

The hobby world missed out on a lot of conventions last year, including the one closest to our warehouse. Good news though, it's back!

Not only is Mosquitocon back for the 29th year, but due to the rising popularity of Gundam in the US, they've added a specific Gundam category to the build contest! Gundam Planet will be sponsoring it and providing store credit to the top three finishes!

This competition allows free reign of any parts you want to use and any material as well. There are no set rules as long as the model is Gundam-related. You may enter 3 models max for this category. Bring your very best! We will follow the rules of IPMS and previous winning IPMS entries cannot be entered. If you're interested, here is the information:

IPMS/USA Competition Handbook

Best of luck to everyone who enters!

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