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New in Stock at Figurise! 02/9/2018

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New in Stock at Figurise! 02/9/2018

We received a new shipment this week full of the latest from Good Smile Company and other popular figure manufacturers! Check out all the new releases below!

1/7 Rider/Arturia Pendragon [Santa Alter]
The holidays might be over, but that doesn't mean Santa Alter can't bring you some presents. Although she looks kind of angry...what kind of stuff do you think she's carrying in that sack? On second thought, maybe we don't want to know?

Nendoroid Lancer/Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily
Santa Jeanne looks a little more friendly than Santa Arturia and she's cute as a button to boot! Our favorite part of this figure has to be the included Gilles-kun doll. He's just ridiculous. We love him.

1/8 Megumin
Bellfine Co Ltd has to be making a killing on these Konosuba scales. They beat pretty much everyone else to the market and there's a huge following for this show. Don't miss out of this one as she probably won't be in stock for long!

1/8 Hatsune Miku: Deep Sea Girl ver.
The stunning Miku Deep Sea Girl is back! This figure is a reissue, but it looks so good we could barely tell that the sculpt was a few years old. It comes in a big beautiful box and would make a great centerpiece for any collection! Please don't put her in a fish tank though, we don't think that would work out super well.

Nendoroid Kirby & Ice Kirby
Kirby is back and in greater numbers! Ice Kirby is here and along with a release (and repackage) of the original Kirby! We're still forever impressed by the magnetic technology used on these figures. Along with the recently released Meta Knight, you can really bring Dreamland to life! Take our advice here when we say that Kirby is easily one of the best Nendoroids ever released!

Nendoroid Mercy
The Overwatch party don't stop! We know that she just got nerf'd into oblivion, but that doesn't mean you love her any less, right? We know Overwatch fans are going to want to have the entire cast on display so don't miss out on this cutie!

Nendoroid Morgana
Finally, you can live the life of Persona 5's protagonist and have a Morgana tell you that you can't go outside and need to go to sleep. Alternatively, you can sit him in his chair and enjoy a nice cigar with him. We like that idea quite a bit. Don't smoke, kids!

1/7 Sagiri Izumi
All we really have to say about this is that we're relieved that Sagiri was wearing something under that t-shirt when this water gun fight got underway.

Nendoroid Cocoa
This was supposed to release with a reissue of Nendoroid Chino, but there was an unfortunate delay. The good news is that Cocoa comes with a different Tippy than Chino does and isn't that what we're all here for. If you don't know what we're talking about, watch a couple episodes of Is the Order a Rabbit and try to tell us that Tippy isn't the best. Tippy forever.

figma Racing Miku 2017
This is more than just a figure. Yes, you'll get the figure, but the Personal Sponsorship Course also includes all the following bonuses! Remember that Racing Miku figmas never get reissued, so be sure to grab one if you need one! Special Benefits Included ・Personal Sponsor Card ・Ticket Holder ・figma Racing Miku 2017 Ver. ・Nendoroid Racing Miku 2017 Ver. Acrylic Key Chain Vol. 1 ・Racing Miku 2017 Sticker

figma Guts: Black Swordsman Repaint
The original release of this Guts figma is an expensive boy these days - which makes it extra exciting that Max Factory has given him a new coat of paint and put him back out to market! With the recent release of the God Hands we kind of thought this might be coming, but it's always exciting to see more Berserk figures avaiable!

figma Serval
People still like Kemono Friends right? We weren't following all that controversy super closely, but it definitely did seem like quite the bummer. If you're still out there, Kemono Friends fans, this looks like one that you're really going to like! Assuming you exist!

1/8 Tohka Yatogami
This is one of those figures that went from "readily available at a reasonable price" to "wow, okay, never mind" very quickly it was originally released. With the upcoming reissue of Yoshino, we know this one isn't going to last too long. We'd love to see a new sculpt for Tohka in the future, but this one is still looking great!

All the product links will be available below! Be sure to let us know what you're most excited to add to your collection!

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