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New in Stock at Figurise! 03/27/2018

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New in Stock at Figurise! 03/27/2018

We received a new shipment this week full of the latest from Good Smile Company and other popular figure manufacturers! Check out all the new releases below!

Petit Chara Naruto: Saiyuki Special Set
We love the idea of making figures of popular characters in various costumes, and this set of Team 7 dressed as they might appear in the traditional Chinese story - Journey to the West is juist fantastic. Kakashi riding a horse is one of those things that we didn't know we needed until we saw it.

figma 321 Shielder/Mash Kyrielight
She's back! After selling out lightning fast last summer, figma Shielder is making her return. Fate/GO is still going strong so we would recommend adding her to your collection sooner than later if you missed her the first time around!

Nendoroid 812 Tinker Bell
Good Smile and Disney getting together to make Disney Nendoroids happen is an absolute blessing. Not that Tink wasn't cute before, but everyone looks cuter as a Nendoroid - that's just the rule.

Nendoroid 831 Hatsune Miku: 10th Anniversary Ver.
Miku celebrated her 10th birthday this past summer and what better way to celebrate than making anniversary figures! We're all about the metallic rainbow aesthetic that she's rocking!

Nendoroid 796 Alphonse Elric
We got our shipment of Ed a couple weeks ago, but who doesn't want both Elric brothers? Thankfully, Al is here and Full Metal Alchemist fans everywhere can rejoise that their show finally got some nice new figures!

Nendoroid 794 Jibril
Better late than never! No Game No Life is still standing the test of time and Nendoroid Jibril is proof of that! You can finally add everyone's favorite Flugel to your collection!

Nendoroid More: Face Swap Himouto! Umaru-chan
Did you love Nendoroid Umaru before? Of course you did, she's the best. Well now with the help of the power of Blind Boxes you can make her even better! If you don't want to run the risk of not getting the face you like, you can just buy the entire box! What a concept!

1/6 Asuna Swimwear Ver. Premium
This one kind of speaks for itself, we fell. It's Asuna, she's in a bikini. You already know what's going on.

1/8 Aqua
She's back! She didn't last long last time and won't last long this time! We're so glad that Bellfine is going to hard on their re-release game!

1/7 Ikumi Mito: School Uniform Ver.
FINALLY! We feel like we've been waiting for this figure for what seems like forever! The combination of the masterclass sculpting quality that Alter produces and a great character like Mikumi? Match made in heaven!

Rebuild of Evangelion: Tentative Name: Rei Ayanami
Wait wait wait. This is Rei Ayanami? Well, dang. She's, uh, really matured, huh? We're not complaining.

Desktop Real McCoy Kid Goku & Bulma
What an iconic display! We love to see figures based on the original Dragon Ball! More like this, please!

Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EVA Unit-13 & EVA Unit-05 (Provision Unit)
It's never been a better time to get an entire set of Revoltech Evangelions! They seem to be releasing them all under this new name and they all come with a ton of accessories!

All the product links will be available below! Be sure to let us know what you're most excited to add to your collection!

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