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2019 GP Lottery WINNERS (January-March)
04/16/2019 Campaign

2019 GP Lottery WINNERS (January-March)

Check and see if you're one of our lucky winners in the first GP Lottery drawing of 2019!

The GP Lottery is BACK!
03/21/2018 Campaign

The GP Lottery is BACK!

Want to win Gundams just by ordering from GP? Here's how!

The Bandai RG Premium Decal Campaign is Here!

The Bandai RG Premium Decal Campaign is Here!

Get a free premium water slide decal set with any order that includes a Real Grade model kit, while supplies last!

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  • Richard

    wants this! -35m

    Hexa Gear HG009 Hidestorm

    I want this!

  • Richard

    wants this! -36m

    Hexa Gear HG012 Agnirage

    I want this!

  • Erik

    has this! -3h

    MG MS-07B3 Gouf Custom

    Hands down the best kit from this decade. Good plastic, cool gimmicks, and flawless detail. Like the Ez8 it's not the most poseable and the gun can prove challenging, but nothing else this simple will stand out like it does (pro tip for the gun: bend the knees like on the box and fiddle with arm to balance the weight across the arm. The gun should ...

  • Erik

    has this! -4h

    MG RX-79G Ez-8 Gundam Ez8

    It's looks great, has high quality plastic, and super easy to build. If you find one of these for sale, grab it. It may not be the most pose-able from the 90's era MGs but with a little work it can really stand out on a shelf with it's bold off-white color and straight forward design.

  • sarzechs

    wants this! -4h

    MG ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos

    I want this!

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