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Bandai Hobby April & May New Announcements

Bandai Hobby April & May New Announcements

Take a look at the great model kits Bandai is rolling out in the first quarter of 2018!

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  • fatgunpla

    has this! -44m

    HGBD GM III Beam Master

    This kit represents everything that is wrong with Build Divers model kits. Oudated Gunpla design Check! Bad color pallet. Check! Poorly thought out gimmick. Check! Avoid like the plague!

  • fatgunpla

    has this! -1h

    HGBD:R Earthree Gundam

    The core Gundam is the most original Gunpla Idea I have seen come out of a Build Series! All build series protagonists had this I'm phoning it in feeling. Not this one! The combining part of this kit reminds me of my childhood watching Power Rangers.

  • bloodie

    wants this! -1h

    MG RX-75 Guntank

    I want this!

  • fatgunpla

    has this! -1h

    HGUC RGM-79G GM Ground Type

    This Gm makes a nice addition to any grunt collection. The panel lines on this actually beat the Rx-78-2 Revive! Articulation is close to it as well. Yet it comes with more equipment. My only regret is that they don't have a three pack to get.

  • callithan

    wants this! -5h

    HGUC MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type

    I want this!

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