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Bandai Hobby April & May New Announcements

Bandai Hobby April & May New Announcements

Take a look at the great model kits Bandai is rolling out in the first quarter of 2018!

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  • derbycityginger

    has this! -54m

    RG GNT-0000 00 QAN[T] (Quanta)

    I just finished this kit today. After 9 HGs, 2 Haro, and being the third RG, I finally lost a part. It's a large part of the GN Sword and I have no idea how I lost it. So I can't comment on the main weapon. I'll add that I bought the sparkle green action base 2 and the waterslide set. Get those waterslides for this kit, it'll look amazing! The inne...

  • derbycityginger

    has this! -1h

    HGUC RGM-79N GM Custom

    This is the first GM I built and after building it I wish I had more! It's a great kit and one of my favorite HGUCs. The orange visor stands out against the pale blue of the kit. Most of the red you see in the photos are individual parts except the little bits in the legs. Those I did myself with a red Gundam Marker. There's a sticker sheet but it ...

  • derbycityginger

    has this! -1h

    HGUC LM314V21 V2 Gundam

    The core fighter sucks. The V2 Gundam is pretty neat though. It's one of my favorite MS and I feel the model is faithful to the design. It's a small kit as the V2 is one of the shortest Gundams, but I like that about it. The beam rifle is great. The core fighter sucks. I had to say it twice. It has zero articulation and could have benefited from a ...

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