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What's the deal with POP UP PARADE?

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What's the deal with POP UP PARADE?
08/31/2020 Figurise Blog

If you've been collecting anime figures for a while, you've definitely noticed the increase in quality from when you first started. Who can forget the horrors of 2007 anime figure collecting? I wish I could!

Of course you also know that the increase in quality has resulted in an increase in price. Figures look nicer than they ever have before, but it's also almost impossible to find a nice one for anything less than $60--and that's the low end! So maybe you've bitten the bullet and dedicated monthly savings to your collection, or you've decided prize figures are the way to go. Either way is a good choice, but now Good Smile Company is here to make it so you don't have to make that choice anymore:

Enter POP UP PARADE! The line started a little slow back in 2019 with Miku and Kizuna Ai, and we didn't really know what to expect. Strong showings followed from Goblin Slayer and One Punch Man, and since then the line has continued to grow with monthly new announcements branching into a wide variety of the most popular characters. One of the most recent additions is Lucy Heartfilia, which is another character with huge popularity but a surprising lack of figure options.

The most important part of this line is the price/quality ratio, which is absolutely unbeatable. All the figures are less than $45 but come in plastic window boxes and have quality far superior to the crane game prizes you're used to at that price point. These are perfect desk companions, but they also wouldn't look out of place in the middle of your existing scale statue collection!

I don't know what's next for the line, but I'm thrilled to see Good Smile continuing to crank out figures from the most popular IPs from the recent anime scene. Keep em coming!

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