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    From the "Arcanadia" series, the light-attribute angel-type Dears "Lumitia" has appeared as a plastic model as a dark-attribute Ver. With 4 types o... (learn more)
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    We will update information soon.Special Week from "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" has been commercialized in the Figure-rise Standard series! (learn more)
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    The girl from the Order of the Sacred Beast who keeps everyone safe. From Poco Murohani's original work "NAVY FIELD 152" comes a new plastic model + a... (learn more)
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    From the "SD Gundam World Heroes" series, a new "Nobunaga's Warhorse" wearing luxurious armor is now available! Includes saddle parts that allow two p... (learn more)
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    1/24 TAKAHASHI KEISUKE FD3S RX-7 COMICS VOL.18 VS SSR Ver. from Aoshima! FD3S with specifications for the battle against ER34! Reproduction of Keis... (learn more)
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    The centaur-type prototype Crystal Tissue Silhouette Knight is now available in its mass-production run color! From the anime series "Knight's & Ma... (learn more)
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    From EASTERN MODEL's 1/12 scale original series A.T.K.GIRL comes a mecha girl "Fenrir"! With the name of a large wolf that appears in Norse mytholo... (learn more)
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    From the anime series "Knight's & Magic" comes a MODEROID plastic model of the centaur-type prototype Crystal Tissue Silhouette Knight, Tzendolg/Tzend... (learn more)
  9. Preorder: No, In stock
    From "Digimon Data Squad (Digimon Savers)", the light dragon type Digimon "Shinegreymon" is lined up in the Amplified series! It has a very detaile... (learn more)
  10. Preorder: No, In stock
    ASRA TAMAMONOMAE is the latest entry in the Megami Device series, which masterfully combines beautiful girls and mechs. The highly customizable and po... (learn more)
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    Here's another incredible model kit from the Metal Gear line of Kotobukiya kits, this time the Metal Gear Rex as it appeared in Metal Gear Solid 4: Gu... (learn more)
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    Ao Gennai, the main character of the anime series Frame Arms Girl, is now available as a plastic model kit in Wakaba Girls’ High School winter cloth... (learn more)
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    Okay this is interesting. They're releasing a Figure-Rise Standard Tokai Teio in addition to a 30MS kit of the same exact character. I guess this is t... (learn more)
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    Uma Musume Pretty Derby Tokai Teio starts running with Figure-rise Standard. Reproduce the sprinting pose that seems to be a horse girl, running in... (learn more)
  15. Preorder: No, In stock
    The result of the XFJ Program, a Japan-America Joint Tactical Surface Fighter Development Program. From Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, SHIRANUI... (learn more)
  16. Preorder: No, In stock
    This model kit is an exclusive variation kit from SIEG SPRINGER that features a different color scheme for the armor and includes some newly designed ... (learn more)
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  18. Preorder: No, In stock
    The popular sci-fi manga series Knights of Sidonia running in Monthly Afternoon (Kodansha) will be getting a long-awaited TV anime release in April!! ... (learn more)
  19. Preorder: No, In stock
    Design: huke The countless defenders of this world. Presenting the second plastic model from Masaki Apsy×huke×Good Smile Company's plastic mod... (learn more)
  20. Preorder: No, In stock
    Details of the artificial muscle units have been carefully sculpted to make a more organic silhouette compared to previous third generation HEXA GEAR.... (learn more)
  21. Preorder: No, In stock
    Developed as a test unit for the newest line of Frame Arms, Baselard was originally scheduled for discontinuation after the rollout of SX-25. However,... (learn more)
  22. Preorder: No, In stock
    The Hi-Nu is TOUGH, and it's never looked tougher than this rendition! The kit is equipped with the "multi-link" gimmick that allows armor panels to s... (learn more)
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    The transforming Frame Arms “RF-12 WILBER NINE” rejoins the FRAME ARMS series with a new color scheme and equipped with newly designed weapons! (learn more)
  24. Preorder: No, In stock
    We can't have a hero line without a War Horse. Horse's versatile structure allows for the Heroes to ride it, and this kit comes with an axis that is c... (learn more)
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    Now this is SERIOUS STUFF. The MG Zeong was one of our sleeper favorite model kits we've ever reviewed, and that thing came out almost 20 years ago! A... (learn more)
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    Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative had a lot of really cool MS and character cameos, and maybe none was cooler than this mobile suit! This variant of the Si... (learn more)
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    It's the first new Gundam Thunderbolt kit design in years! The Atlas Gundam from the current Gundam Thunderbolt animation is here as an HG kit, and of... (learn more)
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    This modern version of the Hi-Nu Gundam has been designed by esteemed mechanical designer Hajime Katoki. Featuring new modeling technology refined sin... (learn more)
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    The IWSP, Integrated Weapons Striker Pack, was designed to combine the capabilities of the Sword, Launcher, and Aile packs into one. The IWSP featured... (learn more)
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    Following the successful performance of Axis/Neo Zeon leader Haman Karn's AMX-004 Qubeley mobile suit, two improved Qubeley Mark IIs were approved for... (learn more)

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