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  1. Preorder: No, In stock
    It's another fan-favorite suit getting the RG do-up, this time the eponymous design from Gundam Seed Vs. Astray! The Astray Red Frame comes with the b... (learn more)
  2. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    YoRHa Type A No. 2, the prototype model also known as A2, from NieR:Automata newly arrives in the PLAY ARTS -KAI- action figure line! In addition to ... (learn more)
    Out of stock
  3. Preorder: No, In stock
    From "NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139..." comes a Nendoroid of Kainé, the fierce warrior whose left half is possessed by a Shade that travels with ... (learn more)
  4. Preorder: No, In stock
    "Damn! He's tough. Time to bust out B-Mode." From "NieR:Automata" comes a Nendoroid of the automated YoRHa infantry member, the all-purpose battle ... (learn more)
  5. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    We literally cannot think of a way to make this model kit cooler. There is simply nothing we could say that would add to how awesome what you already ... (learn more)
    Out of stock
  6. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    The Hi-Nu is TOUGH, and it's never looked tougher than this rendition! The kit is equipped with the "multi-link" gimmick that allows armor panels to s... (learn more)
    Out of stock
  7. Preorder: No, In stock
    We're gonna keep it real with you: we try to keep naming conventions 100% consistent on this site, but Digimon continues to elude us because every man... (learn more)
  8. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    What if we told you that the mobile suit designs in seen in Endless Waltz are canonically no different from the mid-season upgrades the original five ... (learn more)
    Out of stock
  9. Preorder: No, In stock
    Goodness gracious, we can't believe it took them this long to make an updated anime-accurate Char's Zaku HG! Now that it's been announced, we can tell... (learn more)
  10. Preorder: No, In stock
    Hiroto's new Gundam for the second season of Gundam Build Divers RE:Rise! Utilizing the Planet System, this Gundam form named after the planet Uranus ... (learn more)
  11. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    In a really REALLY strange move, Bandai is going back and undermining the entire idea of the Full Mechanics line by adding an IBO suit to the MG lineu... (learn more)
    Out of stock
  12. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    With a new movie comes a new Millennium Falcon! (learn more)
    Out of stock
  13. Preorder: No, In stock
    Bandai listened!! It happened! One of the most requested product updates of all time has finally been delivered to us in the form of this majestic bea... (learn more)
  14. Preorder: No, In stock
    A lot of people who shop in our warehouse confuse the built MG Sazabi Ver.Ka for a PG kit; we have a feeling the same thing will happen with people mi... (learn more)
  15. Preorder: No, In stock
    It's been a long time coming! The Jegan, one of the most popular and most enduring grunt suit designs from the entire Gundam universe, is finally join... (learn more)
  16. Preorder: No, In stock
    AWWWW YEEEEEAH, it's finally time! This beautiful boy definitely ranks in the top 10 kits in DESPERATE need of a remaster, and it's finally getting on... (learn more)
  17. Preorder: No, In stock
    The more square variant of the build knuckles has been around for a while, so now it's time for the rounded ones to be represented for all those Zeon ... (learn more)
  18. Preorder: No, In stock
    The Revive line keeps on going! The next installment is the Gundam Mk-II, which looks impossibly good! The improved kit features double joints in the ... (learn more)
  19. Preorder: No, In stock
    The expressive martial arts designs of the Build Fighters Try hands are some of their most distinguishing features; now you can add that to any HG kit... (learn more)
  20. Preorder: No, In stock
    Bandai has unveiled the future of the MG line using the iconic mecha design! This MG goes above and beyond our previous standards by using as many as ... (learn more)
  21. Preorder: No, In stock
    A new version of the Strike Gundam has been made to coincide with the HD Remaster Blu-Ray release of Gundam Seed! It features the new common Gat-X Int... (learn more)
  22. Preorder: No, In stock
    Can you even handle how awesome this kit looks?? We can’t! The Jesta is getting the MG treatment and needless to say it will be amazing. Featuring a... (learn more)
  23. Preorder: No, In stock
    The BB Legend line of model kits is adding the mighty Musha Gundam from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3! It comes with the full array of weaponry as well as... (learn more)
  24. Preorder: No, In stock
    The BB Legend model kit line proudly release a exclusive SD scale kit BB370 Knight Gundam from Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors Gundam) 3! It comes with... (learn more)
  25. Preorder: No, In stock
    Featuring the DNA of MG (Editor's note: Bandai to this day still hasn't explained exactly what this means. Did really only 5 kits EVER get the DNA of ... (learn more)
  26. Preorder: No, Out of stock
    While this is a base configuration of the Strike Gundam, it’s no less impressive than what you’ve come to expect from PG kits: exquisite detail, h... (learn more)
    Out of stock

26 Items

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