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Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Batman

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The Dark Knight Batman's First Appearance 1939 Comics Book.

We'll never not be annoyed that the only promo picture of this thing available before order deadline was a CG silhouette. If we had known what this would look like before orders were due, we would have gotten 1000. No such luck!!

Anyway, this is maybe the craziest version of Batman we've ever seen in a product, and it looks right at home next to all the other FRS Amplified kits! All the incredible engineering in articulation and gimmicks from the Digimon kits have made their way into this one to create one of the most intense humanoid model kits released to date!


Grade/Scale Figure-rise Series

Series DC Comics

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Batman
Out of stock
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From the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series, which further amplifies the charm of the character, the DC hero "Batman" has arrived!
  • Movable and natural poses for each joint are possible.
  • The cloak is greatly expanded to reproduce the characteristic silhouette of Batman.
  • Bat rung is removable. Hand parts for holding are also included.
  • It is possible to attach it to the arm by removing a part of the cloak and replacing each part.
  • The cloak is made of PP material to create a texture that is both hard and soft. In addition, the structure that separates the base reproduces the movement according to the pose.

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