Frame Arms 014 Type 48 Model 1 Kagutsuchi-kou:RE

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The Frame Arms Kagutsuchi-kou is getting released again with an improved Frame Architect for enhanced posing options!

This Frame Arms was designed in the pursuit of a more realistic combat mecha design, giving it an incredibly bulky look; the amazing part is that it still utilizes the exact same frame as the other Frame Arms kits! The main gun, a large caliber rifle on the shoulder, can be displayed using a dedicate attachment. Also, there are many 3mm peg ports across the body that allow you to combine it with other Frame Arms and MSG units!

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Product Description

  • The large rifle can be installed on the back using a dedicated attachment
  • Roller units in the legs can be deployed, so you can display the kit in high-mobility mode
  • The shield pieces can be removed one-by-one, so you can have a large complete shield or individual small shields
  • Hand parts from the Werewolf Specter Frame Arms are included so the kit can firmly hold the large weapons.

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