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Gundam Planet Premium Side Cutter 2.0

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Remember approximately 40 years ago when we put our brand new GP Nipper Sequel into production? Remember that? That was back when the world was blissfully unaware that we were heading into a full-blown pandemic. Well after a million delays, THEY'RE HERE: The GP Nipper 2.0!

This single-edge nipper delivers the same excellent cut as our first version, with a few notable differences:
-These nippers are lighter and thinner than our first version, meaning they are sharper but also more delicate. With this in mind, please avoid cutting plastic at the thickest parts (like the runner itself), and especially avoid cutting any materials that are NOT plastic. Doing either of these things repeatedly could cause them to wear out faster, chip, or break entirely.
-While using our nippers (or any nippers), make sure to use eye protection in case small bits of plastic fly off. Nub bits in the eyes are very unpleasant!
-Although we did perform quality checks on each individual pair, it is possible that the set screw can loosen or tighten over the course of use. If you find that the blades are not closing all the way, just tighten the set screw a little bit.

Now go forth and enjoy the newer, redder, three times faster GP Nipper!

**Please note: Some pairs of nippers were over-treated at the factory and may have stains from lubricant and anti-rust coating on the packaging. This is actually better for the nippers than the inverse, because it will prevent the hinges from wearing down over time. You can wipe off any excess with a cloth or paper towel if it bothers you!**

Brand Gundam Planet

Grade/Scale Tool

Gundam Planet Premium Side Cutter 2.0
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  • Small Size of the nose allows you to reach even the narrowest gates without risking damage to parts.
  • The finish of the blade guarantees a smooth, clean cut that won't create whitening stress marks on the model.
  • Includes a rubber head cover that will prevent any accidental damage from occurring to the blade.
  • Extremely sharp single-edge construction
  • Material: CrMo Steel
  • Hardness Scale (Blade): HRC 58 up
  • Surface Treatment: Clear lacquer Anti-Rust
  • Carded packaging.

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