PG XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero Custom

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Wing Zero Custom is the original Gundam mobile suit designed by all five of the Gundam scientists, but it was never constructed by them it due to its signature ZERO System. The scientists did however each use Zero's designs as a basis for building their own separate Gundams for Operation Meteor. Zero's armament and abilities are very similar to the Wing Gundam's, except more advanced, most notably its twin buster rifle, which is powerful enough to destroy an entire colony, and its Neo-Bird Mode transformation ability, which enables it to fly in space.
Add the signature Gundam from the Endless Waltz OVA to your model collection today! With all the detail you’ve come to expect from the PG series, this kit can be displayed in many dynamic poses like the signature “firing from the sky.” This model will really stand out in your collection, so pick it up today!
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