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Hexa Gear

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  1. Hexa Gear HG010 Abyss Crawler
    Coming in Jan 2019

    Hexa Gear HG010 Abyss Crawler

    Special Price $59.95 Regular Price $66.95
    Alright, we joked about the Demolition Brute being from Horizon Zero Dawn, but we're reasonably sure this is actually just the Shell Walker. It even comes with translucent forcefie...
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  2. Hexa Gear HG024 Bandit Wheel
    Coming in Jan 2019

    Hexa Gear HG024 Bandit Wheel

    Special Price $46.95 Regular Price $52.95
    If you like the chopper style rather than "those ninja bikes," then maybe you'll like this more than the Rapid Raider! This bike is scaled for Hexa Gear figures so it till be a lit...
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  3. Hexa Gear HG031 Blockbuster VF Ver.
    Coming in Nov 2018

    Hexa Gear HG031 Blockbuster VF Ver.

    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $55.95
    We've come to realize that Hexa Gear has some lore, but we're not going to pretend to know it. Much like in Destiny, we will not be reading the Grimoire. All you need to know is th...
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  4. Hexa Gear HG014 Bulkarm α
    Coming in Sep 2018

    Hexa Gear HG014 Bulkarm α

    Special Price $53.95 Regular Price $59.95
    Not to be confused with Heavyarms, a slender robot with lots of missiles, this Hexa Gear Bulkarm Alpha is a stocky robot with two fists and one cannon! It can be posed by itself or...
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  5. Hexa Gear HG019 Scarecrow
    It's finally happening! A model kit of the Owens from Mechwarrior is here as a model kit!! Wait hold on, that's not what this is? Anyway, it looks like a new addition to the Hex...
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  6. Hexa Gear HG002 Demolition Brute
    Now wait a minute wait a minute, we think Kotobukiya is trying to pull a fast one on us. They're calling this the "Demolition Brute," but if we're not mistaken this is actually the...
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  7. Hexa Gear HG018 Governor Para-Pawn Ignite
    Come on guys, it's like you weren't even trying to mask the fact that this is just Hexa Gear Tallgeese II. It's got the shield and the lance and the curved shoulders and the plume ...
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  8. Hexa Gear HG009 Hidestorm
    Hmmmm. So, from what we can gather, this is... uhhh, so like.... huh. Okay, so imagine if Doc Oc wasn't a doctor, and also wasn't a human, and also was exclusively his four bac...
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  9. Hexa Gear HG001 Rayblade Impulse
    It's not a Zoid, but at first glance it could have fooled us! This is the first release in Kotobukiya's Hexa Gear line of model kits, and it has a lot going on! It can be built and...
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  10. Hexa Gear HG004 Voltrex
    If you like Zoids kits but you've always been holding out trying one because you're mad they don't transform into BIKES, then your time has finally come! This Hexa Gear kit is part...
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  11. Hexa Gear HG007 Governor Armor Type: Pawn A1
    Kojima, is that you? This strange suit of armor comes equipped with a rifle and sword and features interchangeable hands for a variety of posing options! Grab the other Hexa Gear k...
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  12. Hexa Gear HG015 Governor Para-Pawn Sentinel
    We have absolutely no idea what the name of this means, but it's pretty cool! This tremendously sad-looking AI man with a shield, shotgun, hammer, and interchangeable hand parts fo...
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