HGBF Ninpulse Gundam

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If you've ever looked at your collection and thought, "Man, I like these gundams separately, but I really wish someone would mash Epyon, Deathscythe Hell, and Sengoku Astray together into a pointy hell monster," then Bandai definitely heard you out. This Ninpulse (Ninja + Impulse, we guess?) Gundam is basically exactly what we said before!

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A new project for the "Gundam Build Fighters" series, the Gundam Build _Extra Battle Project, is making it's debut with the Ninpulse Gundam! As the name suggests, this gundam derives its looks from the roots of the "Ninja". The back pack is large enough cover the mantle or can transform to the shape of a shuriken. The Ninpulse's rear skirt can also be transformed into a sword and equipped! The blades are flexible offering a wider range of poses and movement. Pose just like a ninja! Set includes large cloak, sword, and two beams. Runner x11. Sticker sheet x1. Instruction manual x1.

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