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Hi-Metal R VF-0S Phoenix (Roy Focker Use)

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From the 2002 direct-to-video anime "Macross Zero," Roy Focker's VF-0S Phoenix joins the Hi-Metal R series! Featuring a full transformation into all three modes:Figher, Gerwalk, and Battroid, it also includes FAST packs and air-to-air missiles. Decorated with Focker's personal colors and skull marking!

[Set Contents] Main Body, Pilot figure, Suspended wings, Four pairs of optional hands, Battroid mode small wings, Battroid mode head cannons, Gunpod, Pitot tube (Fighter/Battroid versions included), Four air-to-air missiles, Leg boosters (L/R), Display joint set, Air intake shutters (closed) L/R, Landing gear set, Stand

Height: 140mm

Brand BANDAI: Tamashii Nations

Series S.D.F. Macross

Product Lineup Hi-METAL R

Condition This is a pre-assembled figure. No assembly required.

Hi-Metal R VF-0S Phoenix (Roy Focker Use)

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The VF-0 driven by the young "Roy Focker" that appeared in "MACROSS Zero" is the first three-dimensional HI-METAL R with a new design! The VF-0 that appeared in the 2002 OVA work "MACROSS Zero" is three-dimensionalized. It can be transformed into a Battroid Gawalk Fighter, as well as equipped with fast packs and air-to-air missiles on the legs. In addition, a special pedestal with the personal mark of "Roy Focker" is also standard equipment.

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