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  1. From the RG Evangelion series, the weapons used by EVA are commercialized in the RG series. Four types of weapons and parts are included as a set, suc... (learn more)
  2. PORUNGA & DENDE LUMINOUS DRAGON BALL SET, as seen in "Dragon Ball Z," joins S.H.Figuarts! Porunga's titanic size s accentuated by dramatic posability ... (learn more)
  3. Kamen Rider Blade Effect Parts Set is now available in Figure-rise Standard as the 16th edition of "HEISEI RIDER PROJECT Beginning". ・ 4 special... (learn more)
  4. The easiest way to upgrade your 1/144 Gundam HG model display! Mobile Suit Gundam SEED joins the Realistic Model series that brings out the Gundam uni... (learn more)
  5. The Royal Knight Omegamon from "Digimon" joins the DYNACTION series! Standing at 400mm tall, this is a massive action figure featuring faithful col... (learn more)
  6. An awesome accessory set designed just for the Soul of Chogokin GX-100 Gaiking & Daikumaryu (sold separately). Power up Gaiking and the Daikumaryu wit... (learn more)
  7. From "Godzilla S.P. " the second form of Rodan (2021) joins S.H.MonsterArts! With sculpting overseen by series kaiju designer Eiji Yamamori, it featur... (learn more)
  8. Your favorite characters, stylized and squashed down to adorable palm-sized proportions with lifelike eyes and simple posability. From the Entertainme... (learn more)
  9. Look, at first we were kind of concerned that this thing would be a dud and no one would want it without Gao Gai Gar, but we were very wrong. This is ... (learn more)
  10. From "Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer," Tengen Uzui's Nichirin Swords join the PROPLICA series. Twin blades double the action and excitement, brought t... (learn more)
  11. A new collaboration between FiguartsZERO and Dokkan Battle, commemorating the seventh anniversary of the popular mobile game! Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta jo... (learn more)
  12. Wreathed in crimson armor, DUKEMON / GALLANTMON : CRIMSONMODE joins NXEDGE STYLE! Featuring sharp sculpting that brings out all the detail and edges o... (learn more)
  13. The demon lord Digimon BEELZEMON : BLASTMODE joins NXEDGE STYLE! Featuring sharp sculpting that brings out all the detail and edges of the complex des... (learn more)
  14. Ushio Kofune, the straight-laced protagonist of "Summer Time Rendering," joins FiguartsZERO! Ushio's charming appearance, from her face to her hair... (learn more)
  15. A version of MAILeS Byakuchi when it was owned by F.G.E (Federation of Great Eurasia) and featured in the second episode of AMAIM Warrior at the Borde... (learn more)
  16. Sheryl Nome's Microphone from "Macross F" joins the PROPLICA series! Rendered in faithful life-sized 1/1 scale detail, it features accurate sculpting,... (learn more)
  17. Titan sword is included! Purple Kuuga, Titan Form is here! From "Kamen Rider Kuuga," "Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga Titan Form / Rising Ti... (learn more)
  18. The 2021 incarnation of Jet Jaguar, as seen in "Godzilla S.P. ," joins S.H.MonsterArts! Overseen by Eiji Yamamori, who handled the designs for the ani... (learn more)
  19. This is a Collector's Edition set that includes Governor Bump Up Expander, Governor Weapon Gatling Blade along with "damaged mask" and "bare face" par... (learn more)
  20. Whether you say Mega Man or Rockman, this kit has something for everyone! This Max Armor variant will follow the original Mega Man X model, and it's l... (learn more)
  21. From the new television anime series "Godzilla Singular Point," the third form of Godzilla, Godzillaultima, joins S.H.Figuarts! Overseen by Singular P... (learn more)
  22. From the classic anime, Metal Armor Dragonar comes this new HG model kit featuring the main mecha from the series. Includes several weapons for combat... (learn more)
  23. A power-up for the Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getta Robo Go! The G Armriser combines to form Super Getta Go! Includes a new, toy-original combination feat... (learn more)
  24. "King Ghidorah (2019)" from "Godzilla King of Monsters" has joined the SHMonsterArts line as a Special Color Ver. release! The whole body has been re... (learn more)
  25. The popular Liger Zero in Kotobukiya’s HMM series is rejoining the lineup in its Empire version with various new decals to recreate the Guylos Empir... (learn more)
  26. Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga Dragon Form/Rising Dragon is arrived. From "Kamen Rider Kuuga", "Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga Drag... (learn more)
  27. From the new animated series "Getter Better Arc," the mass-produced Getter D2 joins the Soul of Chokogin series. Standing nearly 7" tall, it' made of ... (learn more)
  28. Mechagodzilla (2021) from the movie, "GODZILLA VS. KONG" is coming to S.H. MonsterArts! Movable cannons are attached to shoulder and chest. Die-cas... (learn more)
  29. From "Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time" comes the Evangelion Unit-08γ, featuring all of the faithful proportions, detailing, accessories, and p... (learn more)
  30. The Blue Rose Sword from the hit anime series "Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld" joins PROPLICA, the series of life-sized 1/1 scale p... (learn more)
  31. Imperialdramon Fighter Mode -Premium Color Edition- joins S.H.Figuarts! This 160mm figure features wings and various gold-plated parts intended to evo... (learn more)
  32. A new HG model kit from the Mashin Hero Wataru franchise. He's a stumpy lil fella, but is surprisingly flexible with his poses! Create iconic moments... (learn more)
  33. From the global hit "Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer," Agatsuma Zenitsu's Nichirin Sword joins the PROPLICA series of 1/1 scale lifelike re-creations o... (learn more)
  34. The TYPE-J9 Griffon with the Aqua Unit in a special set! From the anime series "Mobile Police Patlabor" comes a 1/60 scale MODEROID plastic model o... (learn more)
  35. From Ka Signature, the brand of pre-painted, pre-assembled figures, the mobile suit Penelope is released, supervised by Katoki Hajime, the mechanics d... (learn more)
  36. The Soul Gem and Grief Seed join the PROPLICA series to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" anime! The Soul Gem glows... (learn more)
  37. Look out everyone, it's getting FANCY in here! You know the usual drill: event exclusive model kit gets version cast in clear plastic with two-tone bo... (learn more)
  38. ALPHAMON:OURYUKEN-Premium Color Edition- rejoins S.H.Figuarts! Featuring new premium coloring that captures Alphamon's beauty with metallic black and ... (learn more)
  39. From the 2004 film GODZILLA: FINAL WARS, the titanic kaiju Gigan rejoins S.H.MonsterArts in a new Great Decisive Battle Version. Featuring the same sc... (learn more)

Total 76 Items

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starting hobbywith gundam planet


GUIDE for Beginners

Lvl 1 : Try a couple of our Level 1 model kits. No tools are required. These "touch gate" snap-fit models are perfect for starters.

Lvl 2 : Next try HG models. High Grades have a lot of play value upon completion, but don't forget you'll need basic tools!

Lvl 3 : To continue building more models, you can build a collection of tools to make the process smoother and easier.

Lvl 4 : Once the kit is built, you can make it look better with a variety of methods like panel lining, top coating, and applying decals!

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Benjamin Tyree III
Benjamin Tyree III has this!
Heaven Forbid Bandai Collabs With Kantai Collection. - Mrs. Loheng-Rinko is a collection of puns: Seed's Murrue has the same Japanese voice actress as Build Fighters' Rinko, and she's the shounen lead's mom. It's a shame she didn't get featured in the Battlogues. The idea, however, worked better on paper. The back skirt (for her standing up) feels too loose and ready to fall off. A lot more painting needs to be done because the stickers won't seem to pull off the visuals. And "Battleship Mode" feels kinds R-rated. Still... It's a nice workable kit for those who are brave enough to work with it.


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