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  1. Look out everyone, it's getting FANCY in here! You know the usual drill: event exclusive model kit gets version cast in clear plastic with two-tone bo... (learn more)
  2. ALPHAMON:OURYUKEN-Premium Color Edition- rejoins S.H.Figuarts! Featuring new premium coloring that captures Alphamon's beauty with metallic black and ... (learn more)
  3. The New EVA-02a from the theatrical film EVANGELION:3.0 +1.0 Thrice Upon A Time joins THE ROBOT SPIRITS series! With full posability as seen in the fi... (learn more)
  4. Supervised by Meijin Kawaguchi himself, this Kamen Rider Figure-Rise kit is pre-painted featuring his techniques for particular gradiation painting, d... (learn more)
  5. Lunch from Dragon Ball joins S.H.Figuarts! Includes parts for displaying with her normal blue hair, and post-sneeze blonde hair. She also comes with a... (learn more)
  6. Gojulas Gunner equipped with a huge long-range Buster Canon in the invincible Gojulas in a fighting game is a lineup in the HMM series! We reproduce t... (learn more)
  7. From Kamen Rider Den-O, Den-O Rod form & Plat form join to Figure-rise Standard! The addition of newly designed parts had enabled the recreation of th... (learn more)
  8. From Kamen Rider Den-O, Den-O Gun form & Plat form join to Figure-rise Standard! Clear purple parts have been adopted for the Denkamen. The Dragon Gem... (learn more)
  9. From Kamen Rider Den-O, Den-O Ax form & Plat form join to Figure-rise Standard! The Denkamen and Aura armor for the chest has been intricately recreat... (learn more)
  10. From Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form is now available in Figure-rise Standard! The coloring of the armor part is reproduced with the... (learn more)
  11. Appearing in Super-Animal God Dancouga, it can transform between Fighter Mode and Humanoid Form, and it can also combine with Dancouga to form the Fin... (learn more)
  12. Need another version of R2-D2? Here's the limited one that comes cast in translucent blue plastic to replicate his appearance as a hologram! (learn more)
  13. S.H.Figuarts gets even more dramatic! Captain America, as seen in his final form in the epic "Avengers: Endgame," joins the series! Now you can replic... (learn more)
  14. Whether you say Mega Man or Rockman, this kit has something for everyone! This Max Armor variant will follow the original Mega Man X model, and it's l... (learn more)
  15. Universe 11’s Strongest Warrior, Jiren, joins S.H.Figuarts! A lof of effect parts and options capture his signature fighting style. Includes accesso... (learn more)
  16. The powerful Piccolo Daimao, also known as the Demon King, joins the S.H.Figurarts series! It even includes an electric rice cooker and expression par... (learn more)
  17. Here's a limited color version of the recently-released Cross Frame Girl GaoGaiGar! Kotobukiya has been learning a lot about how to make cute anim... (learn more)
  18. This item's box suffered cosmetic damage. This could include bent, crushed, or torn corners/edges, punctures in the box, opened tape, price stickers/a... (learn more)
  19. You cannot miss this man from the Majin Buu Saga...S.H.Figuarts is proud to announce MR. SATAN!! The most beloved hero on Earth joins the S.H.Figuarts... (learn more)
  20. The most popular female character to join the S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball series! Sculpted to evoke that famed scene of her standing on a dusty plain fro... (learn more)
  21. 40 years after "Star Wars: A New Hope," the iconic Millennium Falcon is making its way to the pinnacle of Bandai model kits as a Perfect Grade! Origin... (learn more)
  22. An all new digitally colored action figure of Star-Lord, hero of MARVEL's latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2's... (learn more)
  23. The first ever S.H.Figuarts version of everyone’s favorite Teenage Mutants are coming in the classic animation colors! Each sold separately with t... (learn more)
  24. FiguartsZERO EX delivers again! This time with everyone’s favorite rival Super Saiyan character, the one and only Vegeta. Thanks to the larger EX sc... (learn more)
  25. Tamashii Nations is bringing you the one and only Vegeta as he appears in the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ film. Like Goku, Vegeta was able to ... (learn more)
  26. From the shooting game with a long history behind it "Gradius", comes a plastic model kit of the well-known spaceship, the Vic Viper. It's one of the ... (learn more)
  27. Specification: Painted PVC figure (some ABS1 used), 1/6 scale, approximately 160mm in height (learn more)
  28. Taka! Kujiaku! Condole! Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo is here! From "Kamen Rider OOO," "Kamen Rider OOO Tajador Combo," which has been combo-chang... (learn more)
  29. Titan sword is included! Purple Kuuga, Titan Form is here! From "Kamen Rider Kuuga," "Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga Titan Form / Rising T... (learn more)
  30. Imperialdramon Fighter Mode -Premium Color Edition- joins S.H.Figuarts! This 160mm figure features wings and various gold-plated parts intended to evo... (learn more)
  31. New to the Realistic Model Series comes a reacreation of part of the battle at Jaburo from the original series! Place your favorite Gunpla or similarl... (learn more)
  32. New to the Realistic Model Series comes a reacreation of part of the battle at New Yark! Place your favorite Gunpla or similarly sized Gundam figures ... (learn more)
  33. New to the Realistic Model Series comes a reacreation of the final fight between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable called the Last Shooting! Place your favor... (learn more)
  34. A new HG model kit from the Mashin Hero Wataru franchise. Create iconic moments from the series with its articulation. Includes swappable hands, sword... (learn more)
  35. From the classic anime, Metal Armor Dragonar comes this new HG model kit featuring the main mecha from the series. Includes several weapons for combat... (learn more)

37 Items

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GUIDE for Beginners

Lvl 1 : Try a couple of our Level 1 model kits. No tools are required. These "touch gate" snap-fit models are perfect for starters.

Lvl 2 : Next try HG models. High Grades have a lot of play value upon completion, but don't forget you'll need basic tools!

Lvl 3 : To continue building more models, you can build a collection of tools to make the process smoother and easier.

Lvl 4 : Once the kit is built, you can make it look better with a variety of methods like panel lining, top coating, and applying decals!

Pickup Review
Jeremy Hingson
Jeremy Hingson has this!
Love the Origin Zakus! - I have been waiting for some quality new-tool Zaku I kits for a while, and I have not been disappointed. While the Thunderbolt kit is awesome in it's own right, these GTO kits are freaking amazing! The engineering and gimmicks are right up there with MG levels, and the builds are rock solid. The colors on this kit looks significantly more pronounced than in the stock pics. The ammo belt for the machine gun works out surprisingly well. It is realistically scaled, and is flexible enough to allow for a lot of really good poses. I really like the designs that don't have all of the power hoses as well because you don't have to worry about the weird issues that come with trying to implement those into the kit (big holes or attachment pegs that don't hold them). Definitely worth considering if you want a good grunt or Char kit.


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