Metal Build Freedom Gundam

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The birth of the Metal Build series, which began with 00 Gundam Seven Sword in March 2011, was nothing less than a game changer for high-end robot action figures. A year after the initial release, Metal Build will continue with the Freedom Gundam from the Gundam SEED series. This build employs diecast, which makes this figure capable of awesome action poses, and exhibits superior articulation and breathtaking detail; this represents the pinnacle of robot action figure precision and technology and what will have been a year-long endeavor of one of the greatest design teams ever assembled—overseen by Gundam SEED animator Satoshi Shigeta, and fine-tuned by sculptor Yoichi Sakamoto. The figure set will include interchangeable hand parts, shield, beam rifle, special display stand, and special booklet.

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Metal Build Freedom Gundam Detail of Skirt
Skirt parts open widely so that the hip and legs' silhouette stays beautiful. This joint mechanism allows for poses directly from the anime!
Metal Build Freedom Gundam Detail of Shoulder
Shoulder parts open 90 degrees and enable realistic poses. This system allows for weapons to be held in any orientation for extra posability!

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