MG CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X

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The Turn A has been without its nemesis in the MG line for 7 years, and it's time they're finally united! This Turn X is looking to be one of the most groundbreaking master grade kits to date. Featuring all the unique structural elements of the suit itself, this rendition is looking to pull out all the stops. Get ready for Gunpla madness this June.
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MG CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X
  • "Turn X", which is a rival of "Turn A" and piloted by Gim Ginganam, appears as MG.
  • The body can be separated into 9 parts in order to recreate the all range attack. Separated units can be transformed.
  • The scar on the chest in the form of "X", that is a symbol of "Turn X", is recreated.
  • "Shining Finger" on the right hand can be reproduced by movable action.
  • Some special weapons such as a beam bazooka and beam rifle are included and each of them is installable to the back pack.
  • A special stand which can hold "Turn X" in the air is included.
  • Runner x16, Foil sticker x1, Marking sticker x1, Instruction manual x1

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