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Coming in Jul 2024Pre Order Ver.Ka
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MG MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) Ver.Ka

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The Interquel Begin! The Sequel to MObile Suit GUndam CHar's Counterattack.

We will never complain about more ways to own the Sinanju Stein!! (Wait a second, we've said that line before....)

If the first and second MG releases of the Stein didn't convince you it's one of the coolest suits ever, then maybe this one will do the trick! This rendition features fully molded Sleeves markings on the arm gauntlets and chest. The beam rifle and beam bazooka combine, the cannon part can be attached to the shield, and a new double beam ax that can be attached to the shield is included! This is definitely the most fully-featured Sinanju release yet, until 2027 when they release the Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) Ver.Ka Ver 2.0, which we will also happily build.


Gundam Series Mobile Suit Gundam NT

Grade/Scale MG

Edition Ver.Ka

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

MG MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) Ver.Ka
July 2024 arrival
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More Information



An MS that became the "original stone" of the full psychoframe MS that led to the RX-0 series. Updated to the narrative version design and released in Ver.Ka.
  • The engraving in the shape of Zeon's emblem, which is the reason for the "sleeved" design, is divided into parts to reproduce the color coding.
  • The beam ax can be connected and equipped as a long beam naginata, and the beam parts can be deployed while attached to the shield.
  • Emotion Manipulator SP is used for the hand parts, and each finger can move independently.
  • Flexible leg thrusters can be moved independently by lift arms.
  • Reproduces the opening and closing of the cockpit hatch and the vertical movement of the chest block.
  • Two types of Zoltan Akkanen figures are included: sitting and standing.
  • Accessories: Shield x1, High beam rifle x 1, Grenade launcher x 1, Beam ax x2, Bazooka x 1, Beam saber x 2, Effect parts x 1 set, Hand parts x 1 set, Figures x 2 types, Joint parts x 1 set, Seal x 1 set


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don’t need cement.
You don’t need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up

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