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Mr. Retarder Mild 40ml

Out of stock
Mr. Retarder Mild is an agent for slowing the drying of Mr. Color paints and eliminating lumps in brush-painted surfaces. In addition, it also greatly improves the evenness of the Mr. Color paint film and thus dramatically increases luster. A must-have product in the summer months! Add this to Mr. Color (*less than 10%) to slow down drying process and protect product surfaces from brushing irregularity.

Brand Mr.Hobby

Grade/Scale Mr.Color

Mr. Retarder Mild 40ml
Out of stock
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[Method of use]
    With a brush:
  • 1. Add approximately 10% Mr. Retarder Mild to Mr. Color and mix in well. (Note: Mr. Retarder Mild should be added after transferring Mr. Color to another container such as a paint dish.)
  • 2. Your brush strokes should all be in the same direction. Don’t be concerned about any brush marks or lumps, as these will disappear.
    With an airbrush:
  • 1. Add approximately 20% Mr. Retarder Mild to Mr. Color and mix in well. (Note: One of Mr. Retarder Mild’s special features is that it is effective in thinning Mr. Color paints, while producing more luster than Mr. Thinner. However, adding more than 20% delays drying time, so if you want to thin Mr. Color more you should use Mr. Thinner.)
  • 2. The method of application is the same as for regular spraying. However, take care, since the paint may start to dribble.