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Mr. Dissolved Putty 40ml

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  1. squids reviewed this! -7m


    Good stuff if you use it often I love Mr. Dissolved Putty, but it has a short shelf-life once opened. It works very well at it's intended purposes, filling, smoothing and texturing. Just be aware that once you open the bottle, the putty will start to dry out in about a month or so. That said, it is still hands down the easiest putty to work with.

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  • This is pre-dissolved watery putty, so you don't need to add thinner to this product.
  • It's stickier than Surfacer 500 and very convenient use to fix up tiny dents.
  • It can be applied to any rough surface.
  • Surfacer 500 goes well on smooth surfaces, but this dissolved putty goes well on rough or dented parts.
  • 40ml

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