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  1. Preorder: No, In stock
    SON GOKU as seen in "DRAGON BALL GT" joins S.H.Figuarts! Featuring a totally new sculpt and enhanced joints, it captures dramatic poses from the serie... (learn more)
  2. Preorder: No, In stock
    Commemorating 15 years of S.H.Figuarts, the popular IRON MAN MK 4 is returning in a new S.H.Figuarts 15th anniversary Version! It includes a commemora... (learn more)
  3. Preorder: No, In stock
    The legendary BRUCE LEE -LEGACY 50th Ver.- joins S.H.Figuarts with plenty of expression and accessory options to let you replicate your favorite scene... (learn more)
  4. Preorder: No, In stock
    YOR FORGER -Mother of the Forger family- in her casual clothes. Numerous accessories include parts letting you place her in a sitting pose. [Set C... (learn more)
  5. Preorder: No, In stock
    Translucent parts in the chest faithfully replicate his on-screen appearance! Includes his GanGan Saber. Swap parts to transform from sword mode to gu... (learn more)
  6. Preorder: No, In stock
    This colorful, dynamic design is faithfully sculpted down to the smallest detail! Re-create your favorite action poses with S.H.Figuarts trademark pos... (learn more)
  7. Preorder: No, In stock
    A classic joins S.H.Figuarts! The legendary A Type Ultraman suit that appeared in episodes 1 through 13 of the original series, sculpted down to th... (learn more)
  8. Preorder: No, In stock
    NOIR joins S.H.Figuarts, featuring the high posability you've come to expect from the line! Optional parts let you display her with or without her tra... (learn more)
  9. Preorder: No, In stock
    We understand that not everyone loves building models, so we also are offering a bundle of figures of everyone's favorite Gundam trio! This set includ... (learn more)
  10. Preorder: No, In stock
    LANCE CROWN joins S.H.Figuarts! Highly accurate sculpting and coloring brings him to life. An articulated full-body robe allows for dynamic action ... (learn more)
  11. Preorder: No, In stock
    Following Gabimaru and Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, now Yuzuriha from "Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku" joins S.H.Figuarts as a fully posable action figure! ... (learn more)
  12. Preorder: No, In stock
    Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, from "Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku," joins S.H.Figuarts! Sheathed and drawn sword options combine with unparalleled posability t... (learn more)
  13. Preorder: No, In stock
    LOID FORGER -Father of the Forger family- in his casual clothes. Numerous accessories include a mask and wrist parts from the "Bondman Dress-up Set" t... (learn more)
  14. Preorder: No, In stock
    Super Saiyan Trunks, as seen in "Dragon Ball Z," joins S.H.Figuarts with new sculpting and posability! Captures your favorite scenes with ease. (learn more)
  15. Preorder: No, In stock
    Gabimaru, from "Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku," joins S.H.Figuarts! It features unparalleled posability to replicate his dynamic, flexible fighting styl... (learn more)
  16. Preorder: No, In stock
    BODY-KUN and BODY-CHAN figures are a huge support in your drawing efforts! This BODY-CHAN -Sports- Edition DX SET (BIRDIE WING Ver.) is designed to re... (learn more)
  17. Preorder: No, In stock
    From the dark fantasy "BERSERK" comes GRIFFITH, leader of the Reborn Band of the Falcon, with his mighty steed in a gorgeous set. His armor and weapon... (learn more)
  18. Preorder: No, In stock
    From "Dragon Ball Z," SUPER SAIYAN TRUNKS -INFINITE LATENT SUPER POWER- joins S.H.Figuarts with faithful coloring that captures his on-screen appearan... (learn more)
  19. Preorder: No, In stock
    Miorine Rembran, from "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury" joins S.H.Figuarts! The highly posable figure includes numerous accessories and optio... (learn more)
  20. Preorder: No, In stock
    Ant-Man, hero of "Avengers: Endgame" and his own series of films, rejoins S.H.Figuarts in his latest costume! Accessories let you re-create your favor... (learn more)
  21. Preorder: No, In stock
    Five years after being offered as a web exclusive, Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku joins S.H.Figurarts with an all new sculpt and tons of new features! It loo... (learn more)
  22. Preorder: No, In stock
    The ultimate Tarou finally joins S.H.Figuarts! Produced under the exacting supervision of Tsuburaya Productions, this figure features incredibly accur... (learn more)
  23. Preorder: No, In stock
    Zoffy from Ultraman is re-released together with other brothers! Fully capturing his distinct appearance and coloration, this highly posable Zoffy fig... (learn more)
  24. Preorder: No, In stock
    Star Lord & Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3)," rejoin S.H.Figuarts! Both feature detachable blaster option parts, and the faces of bot... (learn more)
  25. Preorder: No, In stock
    Fans demanded it, we delivered: the S.H.Figuarts BARDOCK is here! Sculpted to faithfully capture his appearance in the classic TV special, the set ... (learn more)
  26. Preorder: No, In stock
    Five years have passed since the release of "Avengers: Infinity War." Given that "Avengers: Endgame" was set in 2023, we're excited to release a new r... (learn more)
  27. Preorder: No, In stock
    The antihero Devilman, another creation of the legendary Go Nagai of "Mazinger Z" fame, re-joins S.H.Figuarts after a six year hiatus! It features ... (learn more)
  28. Preorder: No, In stock
    An option parts set designed for S.H.Figuarts, that lets you re-create all sorts of amazing scenes from Dragon Ball! Effect parts for hands and feet a... (learn more)
  29. Preorder: No, In stock
    The first form of Frieza and his pod, as envisioned by creator Akira Toriyama, come to life in S.H.Figuarts. Standing a powerful 110mm tall, the figur... (learn more)
  30. Preorder: No, In stock
    Includes numerous lightning-bolt effects that put you right in the action! High posability lets you capture Black Adam's fighting moves and dramatic m... (learn more)
  31. Preorder: No, In stock
    Ultraman Dyna Flash Type joins S.H.Figuarts with Shincchou Seihou technology! Based on a scan of Shunsuke Gondo, the same suit actor whose data was... (learn more)
  32. Preorder: No, In stock
    The star of "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Suletta Mercury, joins S.H.Figuarts! With exquisitely considered joints and multi-media mater... (learn more)
  33. Preorder: No, In stock
    Accurate on-screen proportions and textures and dynamic posability! Also includes accessories that can be exchanged with the S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider ... (learn more)
  34. Preorder: No, In stock
    From "Dragon Ball Z," Cell First Form joins S.H.Figuarts! Options include a head, hands, and a tail designed to replicate his appearance when absorbin... (learn more)
  35. Preorder: No, In stock
    Yor Forger from the television anime series "SPY x FAMILY" joins S.H.Figuarts! Accessories include the weapons she uses as Thorn Princess. [Set Con... (learn more)
  36. Preorder: No, In stock
    PORUNGA & DENDE LUMINOUS DRAGON BALL SET, as seen in "Dragon Ball Z," joins S.H.Figuarts! Porunga's titanic size s accentuated by dramatic posability ... (learn more)
  37. Preorder: No, In stock
    "Frontman" who is the head of the mysterious organization in the play appears. A perfect combination with the S.H.Figuarts Masked Soldier and Maske... (learn more)
  38. Preorder: No, In stock
    Loid Forger from the television anime series "SPY x FAMILY" joins S.H.Figuarts! Accessories include the gun he uses as Twilight. [Set Contents] Mai... (learn more)
  39. Preorder: No, In stock
    Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, as seen in "Dragon Ball GT", joins S.H.Figuarts using detailed sculpting and the latest articulation technology. [Set Conte... (learn more)
  40. Preorder: No, In stock
    S.H.Figuarts, always dedicated to capturing both the posability and form of popular characters, is proud to announce the arrival of Majin Buu -EVIL-! ... (learn more)

Total 174 Items

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starting hobbywith gundam planet


GUIDE for Beginners

Lvl 1 : Try a couple of our Level 1 model kits. No tools are required. These "touch gate" snap-fit models are perfect for starters.

Lvl 2 : Next try HG models. High Grades have a lot of play value upon completion, but don't forget you'll need basic tools!

Lvl 3 : To continue building more models, you can build a collection of tools to make the process smoother and easier.

Lvl 4 : Once the kit is built, you can make it look better with a variety of methods like panel lining, top coating, and applying decals!

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staryskullz has this!
Navy Hairstyle - I have the Navy hair style! I love that the ponytail can move all around to make it seem like there is action!