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Collection Set

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette RX-78-2 Gundam & Cross Silhouette Frame Set

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UC 0079 RX-78-2 Gundam fits for Gundam the Battle Master in 1996 from PSX.


Neat Kit It's a neat kit, not too much to say since it's a SD kit, but it looks great upon a shelf ...


Less stickers, more fun Although I got the bundle I used the SD Frame for the RX-78 and it still holds up wonderfully. The B ...

It's a new line of BB kits with more customization options than ever! Every kit comes with the standard "Super Deformed" frame, but all the kits are also compatible with the separately-sold Cross Silhouette frame, which can be used to give the kits an entirely different set of proportions upon completion!

What new line of kits would feel right without the RX-78-2 being the first one out the door? This special set includes both the RX-78-2 Gundam AND the Cross Silhouette frame mentioned above! The kit uses great multi-color molding for ease of assembly in the head, and you can display the kit with or without eyes once it's completed. Accessories include the Beam Rifle, Shield, and Beam Saber! You can either grab this set or buy the RX-78-2 by itself!


Gundam Series First Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam

Grade/Scale SD Cross Silhouette

Edition Collection Set

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette RX-78-2 Gundam & Cross Silhouette Frame Set
Out of stock
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More Information



The first installment to the "SD Gundam Cross Silhouette" series is the RX-78-2 Gundam! This new product line series features a cross-compatible frame allowing you to recreate both tall and short proportions for each MS. Unlike the regular "SD Gundam Cross Silhouette" RX-78-2 Gundam, this comes with both the SD (Super Deformed) frame as well as the CS (Cross Silhouette) Frame. Use either of the two frames to assemble the kit in two styles. The two different frames can also be combined making it easy to recreate proportions of your choice. The head unit can be recreated with color divided parts due to its size, while maintaining details and a simple assembly fun for builders of all skill levels. Set includes Beam Rifle x1, Shield x1, Beam Saber x1, and Cross silhouette frame (white) x1. Runner x3. Foil sticker sheet x1. Instruction manual x1.

Product size: Approx 3 to 4" Tall


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don’t need cement.
You don’t need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up