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Damaged Boxes

Damaged Boxes
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starting hobbywith gundam planet


GUIDE for Beginners

Lvl 1 : Try a couple of our Level 1 model kits. No tools are required. These "touch gate" snap-fit models are perfect for starters.

Lvl 2 : Next try HG models. High Grades have a lot of play value upon completion, but don't forget you'll need basic tools!

Lvl 3 : To continue building more models, you can build a collection of tools to make the process smoother and easier.

Lvl 4 : Once the kit is built, you can make it look better with a variety of methods like panel lining, top coating, and applying decals!

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Benjamin Tyree III
Benjamin Tyree III has this!
Heaven Forbid Bandai Collabs With Kantai Collection. - Mrs. Loheng-Rinko is a collection of puns: Seed's Murrue has the same Japanese voice actress as Build Fighters' Rinko, and she's the shounen lead's mom. It's a shame she didn't get featured in the Battlogues. The idea, however, worked better on paper. The back skirt (for her standing up) feels too loose and ready to fall off. A lot more painting needs to be done because the stickers won't seem to pull off the visuals. And "Battleship Mode" feels kinds R-rated. Still... It's a nice workable kit for those who are brave enough to work with it.