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Super Robot Chogokin

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  1. HAGANE WORKS Mazinkaiser
    Coming in Oct 2020

    HAGANE WORKS Mazinkaiser

    Special Price $164.95 Regular Price $174.95
    The reigning Demon God Emperor! The new standard for alloy-incorporated super robot models! HAGANE WORKS Mazinkaiser! · The fully painted, fully articulated figure stands at a...
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  2. Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger -Kurogane Finish-
    The legendary super robot Great Mazinger with a special new “Kurogane” (steel-inspired) surface finish for an even more dramatic appearance. The same diecast metal content, gre...
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  3. Super Robot Chogokin Giant Robo THE ANIMATION VERSION
    Fans of the classic anime robot genre will definitely recall this mammoth mecha, Giant Robo. Giant Robo was the hero in the animated series by the same name that ran in Japan from ...
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  4. Super Robot Chogokin MazinKaiser SKL Final Count Ver.
    Tamashii Nations is bringing back Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) with a brand new, darker coloration theme truer to the original anime. Not only that, the Wing Cross Ver. comes with a new...
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  5. Super Robot Chogokin Spazer (for Grendizer)
    Exclusive Edition
    Spazer can be combined with the June 2013 release of Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer. New hand pieces are included for recreating the combination scene. Set also includes Spin Sauce...
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  6. Super Robot Chogokin Space Emperor God Sigma
    Space Emperor God Sigma is protecting Earth once again in his full-action Super Robot Chogokin form! God Sigma can wield Musouken with both hands by utilizing highly articulated sh...
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  7. Super Robot Chogokin MazinKaiser SKL
    Armed with a sword and firearms, Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser SKL is a force to be reckoned with. With interchangeable hands, SKL can be posed powerfully wielding his sword in ...
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  8. Super Robot Chogokin Dai-Guard
    Dai-Guard, the popular anime protagonist and one of the key super-robot characters in second Super Robot Wars Z video game title appropriately joins the ranks of the Super Robot Ch...
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8 Items
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