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Zoids Series

Battle Story
Beginning fairly early after the start of the original Japanese Zoid releases, the battle story first introduced the conflict between two rival nations: the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire. Their main weapons were Zoids, living war machines built from metal-based lifeforms native to planet Zi. - from Zoids Wikipedia

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  1. Preorder: No, In stock
    When you combine the impressive Berserk Fuhrer with the Sturm unit, you get the even more massive Sturm Tyrann! Previously unavailable as an HMM kit a... (learn more)
  2. Preorder: No, In stock
    The core of the Empire's Armored Division, Red Horn is back with a huge increase in all-new decals! The slide feature in the neck joint and articul... (learn more)
  3. Preorder: No, In stock
    The newly designed Attack Booster for Green Horn AB is now available on its own. Featuring versatile coloring primarily in gray and gunmetal, this ... (learn more)
  4. Preorder: No, In stock
    Iron Kong is back and more impressive than ever with the new Iron Kong Prozen Knights Ver.! This new and improved version of Iron Kong as used by ... (learn more)
  5. Preorder: No, In stock
    Do you own the HMM Gojulas but feel like it needs more guns? Then the HMM Zoids Custom Gojulas Cannon set is for you! The set includes the two long ra... (learn more)
  6. Preorder: No, In stock
    Please note that due to this item's large size, the manufacturer shipping box will be used and no additional items can be sent in the same package. Pl... (learn more)
  7. Preorder: No, In stock
    The strongest all-purpose Zoid in the Empires! Iron Kong, the first large-scale item created within the HMM series, rejoins the lineup. This model ... (learn more)
  8. Preorder: No, In stock
    Wow, this kit looks intimidating! This "Great Saber" is an upgraded version of the Saber Tiger, as if the original wasn’t impressive enough! The mo... (learn more)
  9. Preorder: No, In stock
    The Pteras Bomber from the Kotobukiya HMM Zoids line is getting reissued as part of the Marking Plus line! All the same great articulation gimmicks... (learn more)
  10. Preorder: No, In stock
    The first of the HMM series, Shield Liger, returns to the lineup with a new color scheme! The Liger's signature blue armor and colors of the frame ... (learn more)
  11. Preorder: No, In stock
    The core small-size mass-produced ZOID from the Empire's land force, IGUAN is returning to the HMM series! Iguan, which uses the frame of Pteras an... (learn more)
  12. Preorder: No, In stock
    At long last, the Liger Zero variant created by the Guylos Empire based on the Republic’s Liger Zero that has both the full Changing Armor System (C... (learn more)
  13. Preorder: No, In stock
    The “Changing Armor System” (CAS) that transforms the Liger Zero’s silhouette and performance ability by changing its outer armor... The full... (learn more)
  14. Preorder: No, In stock
    The popular Liger Zero in Kotobukiya’s HMM series is rejoining the lineup in its Empire version with various new decals to recreate the Guylos Empir... (learn more)
  15. Preorder: No, In stock
    The small mass-produced Zoid that supports the Republic is rejoining the HMM series lineup! This updated model of the Helic Republic's main Zoid Go... (learn more)
  16. Preorder: No, In stock
    Equipped with a Pile Bunker Unit and new armor, Raven Raptor joins Kotobukiya’s HMM Zoids lineup! This model kit includes large-sized weapons tha... (learn more)
  17. Preorder: No, In stock
    The customization parts set for HMM Zoids, PILE BUNKER UNIT, has arrived! The set of customization parts PILE BUNKER UNIT that is compatible with E... (learn more)
  18. Preorder: No, In stock
    More Zoids Wild in the HMM line! These newer models might not have the same cultural grip that the original Ligers do, but that doesn't mean they're n... (learn more)
  19. Preorder: No, In stock
    The small-sized Zoid created using the Organoid System, Rev Raptor, joins Kotobukiya’s HMM Zoids Lineup! The design and flexibility of this model wa... (learn more)
  20. Preorder: No, In stock
    Kotobukiya is making a return to Zoids form! Following re-releases of the Ligers and Big Dino Boys, they're back at it with new variants! This Shield ... (learn more)
  21. Preorder: No, In stock
    Real-moving kit for instinctive release. Parts pack system that can be assembled without a nipper. Stilacosaurus Large Zoid. Move forward with motor. ... (learn more)
  22. Preorder: No, In stock
    Another variant of the GunSniper is here! You can display this small high-mobility Zoid with or without the W2 unit, and you can equip those tiny arms... (learn more)
  23. Preorder: No, In stock
    Wild Liger joins HMM Zoids Lineup as the first from the Zoids Wild series! While this model is low in attack power, Wild Liger makes up for it with it... (learn more)
  24. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    Alright, the Ligers are getting reissued with new markings and new boxes, but this one just gets a new box! A massive kit of the Berserk Fuhrer com... (learn more)
  25. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    The Lightning Saix is here, and it looks mean, sleek, and fast! Its slender lines provide a more slimmed-down look than the Liger family, but the mass... (learn more)
  26. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    Zoids, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023, is a high-end model presented to all Zoids fans! The ultimate Zoid to commemorate the 40th anniv... (learn more)
  27. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    A special edition of the Rev Raptor is now available as an HMM! The special edition Rev Raptor, “NIGHT PATROL,” featuring a special forces colo... (learn more)
  28. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    The scorpion Zoid, Guysack, joins the HMM series with all new parts! The arms, legs, and tail are all articulated, allowing for a variety of poses ... (learn more)
  29. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    The dinosaur-type Zoid Gojulas, which was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Zoids and is the largest kit in HMM history, is back with bonu... (learn more)
  30. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    This new HMM Zoids kit features REDLER GUYROS EMPIRE Ver. and the BOOSTER CANNON SET in a single package! Clear parts include clear dark purple for t... (learn more)
  31. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    ADVANCED - It represents a step towards further evolution, the development of common sense. Based on themes set for each Zoid, this pinnacle brand mat... (learn more)
  32. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    A new generation, high-speed Zoid that holds the key to victory in the war on the Dark Continent of Nyx! A constant favorite in wishlist surveys, t... (learn more)
  33. Preorder: Yes, In stock
    The Dual Sniper Rifle & AZ Five Launch Missile System Set of customized parts for the RZ-053 König Wolf is here! Both weapons can be equipped to c... (learn more)

33 Items

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GUIDE for Beginners

Lvl 1 : Try a couple of our Level 1 model kits. No tools are required. These "touch gate" snap-fit models are perfect for starters.

Lvl 2 : Next try HG models. High Grades have a lot of play value upon completion, but don't forget you'll need basic tools!

Lvl 3 : To continue building more models, you can build a collection of tools to make the process smoother and easier.

Lvl 4 : Once the kit is built, you can make it look better with a variety of methods like panel lining, top coating, and applying decals!

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