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  • granddukeofowls

    has this! -5h

    HG IBO Gundam Asmoday

    My favorite from IBO was super fun to build and pose. Tonfas are great.

  • granddukeofowls

    has this! -5h

    HG Darilbalde

    I think this was the very first Gundam I bought but wasnt the first I ended up putting together. Its a solid build, currently doing waterslides on it for the first time and its going well. WFM had some of the best mech designs for sure.

  • granddukeofowls

    has this! -5h

    HG Gundam Schwarzette

    My favorite Gundam from the WFM series. Was a joy to build and those stickers for the weapon were great.

  • granddukeofowls

    has this! -5h

    HGCE STTS-909 Rising Freedom Gundam

    Was a super fun build to put together. The wings got a little tedious but other than that it was great. Poses well too.

  • granddukeofowls

    has this! -5h

    RG OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon

    My favorite Gundam from the Wing series. Was great to put together as my first RG.

  • teknomi

    has this! -9h

    HG Gundam Schwarzette

    One of my favorite HGs from the WFM and from HGs as a whole. This gundam is so nice, the joins work well, it looks unique, the accessories it comes with is very good. One nitpick I do have though is that the horns sometimes fall off if you play with it too much, but its nothing big. If your gonna build any gunpla from the WFM line, this is a must b...

  • soulsabi

    has this! -11h

    HG Darilbalde

    This kits was just fun to build from the choice in stickers to the included action base what not to love. I like just how the Witch from mercury suits look, this being no exception from the mainly red coloring to the single horn. i love the included beam arms and the purple blade would be great for a custom.

  • jesussalvia

    has this! -1d

    MG MS-09R Rick Dom (Update)

    I really liked building it, However the big gun seems to be too heavy for the hands.

  • basanova

    has this! -2d

    HGCE ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

    While the plastic model gave a somewhat bulky impression in the product image, when actually seeing the completed model, it's so cool that you don't really mind. Despite its heavy appearance, the range of motion is quite wide, allowing for various posing possibilities. The fact that the cloak is made of cloth is also good, and the spear and shield ...

  • sctvita5130

    has this! -2d

    Robot Spirits RGM-79N GM Custom Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

    The Sequel to Mobile Suit GUndam and The Prequel to MObile Suit Gundam Z!