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  • bacongoblin

    wants this! -2h

    HG IBO Hekija

    I want this! i want this so much my boy hush flies this and i want it

  • jhon7804

    wants this! -5h

    Saint Cloth Myth EX Taurus Aldebaran (Saint Seiya)

    I want this!!!!! The details are amazing!!!!!

  • acpercival

    has this! -11h

    HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya

    Definitely as big as a 1/100 kit! There's just enough detail to keep it from looking bland, while still being a decently simple build. Plenty of opportunity for painting and other customization on such a large and brutal canvas! Downside: quite limited articulation. The feet have some pretty close collision points with the inside of the shins, ...

  • acpercival

    has this! -12h

    MG ZGMF-1017 Mobile GINN

    This was my first true MG kit, and it builds like a slightly better HG. Articulation is solid and them big old feet give it a stable stance underneath that chunky booster pack. Solid solid 4/5, nothing super special, but enjoyable nonetheless!

  • sctvita5130

    wants this! -16h

    V.S.O.F. Mazinger Z

    I like Mazinger Z from Go Nagai and Toei Animation.

  • basilleafs

    wants this! -1d

    HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild

    starting my witch from mercury collection!

  • basilleafs

    wants this! -1d

    HG Gundam Aerial

    starting my witch from mercury collection!

  • basilleafs

    wants this! -1d

    Pokémon Model Kit Quick!! 13 Bulbasaur

    want all three for kanto starters!

  • senorpaco

    has this! -1d

    HGUC MSM-07S Z'Gok Char Custom

    I was really surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this set! For such a low price, it looks really good and is a breeze to build. It's able to get into some fun poses with bending limbs, stands up nicely, and I didn't have any issues posing the claws either. Very nice kit in general, and a very high recommendation for the Char fans put there.

  • senorpaco

    has this! -1d

    HGUC MSN-02 Zeong

    As a Zeong fan, this kit is good, but I was a little disappointed I didn't enjoy this kit as much as the other reviewers. I feel that the arms themselves don't pose very well and are tricky to put together. The little front part of the helmet that goes in front of the eye sticker also snapped off placing it down onto the head, but I think I can sup...