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1/100 Full Mechanics GAT-X370 Raider Gundam

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Good value First MG. Good value for an MG, and a great pick if you're looking for your first MG.


One of my favorite builds, but not the best Not so satisfied with this one. It's beautiful and the transform is cool as ice, but its super ...


Rad on all counts! Highly recommended. This kit has a level of simplicity to the build, and I have to say it looks as c ...

Move over IBO, it looks like SEED is the new point of focus for the Full Mechanics line! What a weird world we live in.

Anyway, we can see why this can't be a Master Grade kit given the amount of gimmicks they crammed in here! Retractable lead wire for flexible posing mechanics on the Mjolnir hammer, transformation gimmicks for deployment in Mobile Armor mode, various attachment points for the Shield Gun, and parts to allow for combination with Calamity Gundam (sold separately) make this an incredibly full-feature release despite the lack of full inner frame!


Gundam Series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Grade/Scale 1/100

Character Video Character Video

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

1/100 Full Mechanics GAT-X370 Raider Gundam
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From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Raider Gundam equipped with a deformation mechanism is three-dimensionalized from 1/100 full mechanics with the latest arrangement and structure!
  • In pursuit of mechanical design, both high-density details and ease of assembly are achieved.
  • It is possible to transform from MS to MA form by sliding mechanism and movable axis in various places.
  • The legs have multiple joints to reproduce the transformation to MA form while ensuring the range of motion.
  • The shoulder part is equipped with a gimmick that can be transformed into the state of MA form without replacing parts.
  • By installing interlocking movement by each link mechanism, the deformation of the head in MA form is reproduced.
  • Mjolnir's wire is reproduced with lead wire. The lead wire can be stored inside by turning the spine of Mjolnir.
  • The claw unit can be flexibly moved on each axis.
  • The shield cannon can be attached to the arm in the MS form and to the shoulder in the MA form. By expanding the grip, it can also be held by hand.
  • In MA mode, it is equipped with a gimmick that the cannon on the nose interlocks and protrudes when the hatch is opened.
  • Includes display parts for MA mode.
  • FULL MECHANICS Calamity Gundam (sold separately) can be mounted and displayed. (* Use multiple action bases sold separately.)
  • Accessories: Shield gun x 1, Mjolnir x 1, Pedestal for Mjolnir x 1, Support parts for MA form display x 1, One set of joint parts for reproducing the Calamity boarding scene, Seal x 1, Marking sticker x 1, Lead wire x 1


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don't need cement.
You don't need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up

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