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1/12 Front Armor Girl Victoria

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Do you like beautiful girls with composite front armor and explosive reaction armor!?!?!? 1000% defensive power only in the front, so-called [front armored girl] Victoria, appeared full of confidence!

"This armor is strong, but too heavy... I want to take it off!" When she returns to her hideout, she transforms into elegant underwear in seconds!

"Oh dear, cute prisoner of war. I'll make amends for attacking you from behind."

- The veil (non-removable) is made of cloth and reproduces a realistic texture. Armored foam and base foam hair parts can be replaced.
- Armored form and basing form, delivered with a total of 2 specifications! Some parts between both forms can be replaced. The point of the base form is the delicate physical beauty of the girl! The details such as the lace modeling of the lingerie and the gradation painting of the body are carefully selected!
- With the fully movable eyeball gimmick, both eyes can be moved freely, and by combining with face parts, rich expressions can be expressed.
- Full of gimmicks in the attached weapons. The rifle magazine is detachable and can be combined with the bayonet! It is possible to hold the bayonet alone with hand parts.
- Magnets are built into the armored form's left forearm and shield. The shield can be equipped on the left forearm with magnetic force.

Included Parts list: Armored figure body x1, Bare figure body ×1, Optional face (with articulational eyeballs) ×4, Rifle (with removable magazine) ×1, Shield ×1, Bayonet ×1, Tool for changing the eye direction ×1, Optional hand ×10, Supporter ×2, Clip ×2, Displaying base ×2

Brand Snail Shell

Grade/Scale 1/12

Series Original Character

Condition This is a pre-assembled figure. No assembly required.

1/12 Front Armor Girl Victoria
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