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1/144 Display Stand Action Base 2 BLACK

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My favorite style stand at this scale I prefer this kind of action base for the low parts count while also providing lots of flexibility o ...


Still Prefer The 2 To The 5 I still end up using the 2s over the 5s because they take up less space on my shelf, and also becaus ...


Compatibility issue WARNING not compatible with Action base 5 parts! I was thinking cool I can use the leftover pieces ...

These Action Base 2 display stands are perfect for all your 1/144 scale needs! All Real Grades and High Grades--with the exception of some really big ones--will look perfect on these stands! You can even chain them together to create dynamic fighting scenes between two models. Colors include black, gray, clear blue, clear green, and clear red!


Grade/Scale Action Base

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

1/144 Display Stand Action Base 2 BLACK
Out of stock
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Action Base variants include:
  • 1/100 Black
  • 1/100 Gray
  • 1/100 White
  • 1/100 Clear
  • 1/100 Clear Green
  • 1/100 Char Aznable
  • 1/100 EFSF
  • 1/100 Zeon
  • 1/100 Sinanju
  • 1/100 Unicorn Gundam
  • 1/100 Celestial Being

  • 1/144 Black
  • 1/144 Gray
  • 1/144 Clear Red
  • 1/144 Clear Green
  • 1/144 Clear Blue