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GH-PBM Micro Power Pin Vise

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Ultra-compact power pin vise specializing in ultra-fine drills!
For ultra-fine drills with a diameter of 1.0 mm or less! Ideal for precision work!
A thin drill blade with a shaft of Φ0.1 to Φ1.0 mm can be attached.
Since it is lighter and smaller than a power pin vise, it is suitable for drill blades with a thin shaft.
Since it is small and easy to control, the risk of breaking a thin drill bit without applying a load is reduced.
Since it is an iron collet, you can firmly grasp a thin drill blade and work with a sense of stability.
A drill blade with a Φ1.0 mm shaft can be easily and quickly attached to the center of the collet, improving work efficiency.
Because it is small and light, it is easy to handle, and detailed work such as shafting is also safe.
Since the collet and cap are made of iron, they are resistant to wear and the drill does not easily run idle.

Brand God Hand

Grade/Scale Tool

GH-PBM Micro Power Pin Vise
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Quality Notation Total length size: about 60 mm , corresponding axis diameter: Fai0.1 ~ 1.0 mm · Material: tip cap Collet ... iron (quenching), the body-rear end cap ... brass rotary washer ... acrylic resin ⚠ notes - Please be careful not to cut your fingers when inserting and removing the blade (drill, etc.) ・ Tighten the cap tightly ・Use a blade that matches the size of the collet ・ Use Please wear protective goggles when using the product. ・ Keep out of reach of children.