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HG Daisyogre

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Wish I knew the scale. Can't wait to buy one.


I think they could be friends with Big Tony

A new anime is on the horizon! All we have to go by now are the designs, which are definitely something very different from what we've seen recently. This looks like is Gundam Asmoday were one of the mechs from Sakura Wars, which is actually an awesome idea. Stay tuned for more details as the show gets closer to airing!



Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

HG Daisyogre
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SYNDUALITY – Reveal Trailer

The new SF project "SYNDUALITY", which challenges the theme of "passing" between humans and AI, has started in earnest! From the TV anime "SYNDUALITY" scheduled to start broadcasting in 2023, the main character Kanata's mecha "Daisy Ogre" is equipped with characteristic weapons and various gimmicks, making it the fastest in the HG series!
  • Cockpit and coffin that have been modeled in detail are equipped with slide and open gimmicks. Figures of the main characters Kanata and Noir are included to reproduce the boarding state.
  • Long type chain parts are included. It is possible to express the injection state of the saw chain by replacing it.
  • Multiple movable axes are built into the characteristic legs. Parts for transforming the leg shape that can reproduce the walking state and roller dash state in the play are also included.
  • A display base is included to support action poses.
  • A sticker that can reproduce the impressive marking is included. Various expressions can be produced by selecting the eye sensor sticker.
  • Accessories: Rifle × 1, Saw chain × 1, Saw chain replacement parts x 1, Smoke discharger × 1, Hand parts × 1 set, Parts for transforming leg shape × 1 set, Display pedestal × 1, Figure x 2 types (Kanata, Noir), Sticker × 2 types


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don't need cement.
You don't need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up

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