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HMM Zoids EZ-036 Death Stinger

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Deadly Scorpion Great kit to build. Can't recommend enough to guardian force fans. I had no issues building it ...


Pricy, but very nice. While I wouldn't say this is an impulse buy, the build is interesting a great if you either wan ...


Awesome build Been building Gundam for ever. This was my first Zoid and it was amazing. One to the next

For many years, the Death Stinger has been the fan-favorite for which unreleased kits should be added into the HMM line; now it's finally happening!

This HMM kit can achieve more aggressive poses thanks to improved molding and articulation! This kit is packed with gimmicks from the claws down to the tip of the tail, which has a high-output beam cannon, which can be articulated into firing mode! Linear cannons within the claws can be exposed thanks to the hinge gimmicks, and the head armor also opens and closes to expose the evil "eyes!" Make sure to grab this incredible addition to your Zoids collection before it's gone!

Brand Kotobukiya

Grade/Scale HMM

Series Zoids Series

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

HMM Zoids EZ-036 Death Stinger
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More Information



A rampant force of evil and the ultimate Organoid Zoid, Death Stinger, is joining Kotobukiya’s HMM Zoids Lineup! This large Sea Scorpion Zoid developed by the Guylos Empire, Death Stinger, has topped the list of requested characters for the HMM line for several years. This Zoid is equipped with a Charged Particle Cannon and heavy armor that rivals the Death Saurer. An extremely powerful unit, Death Stinger can take down two powerful Organoid machines, namely Blade Liger and Geno Breaker, single-handedly. With a generous selection of armor and weapons as well as a variety of exciting features, this voluminous kit is sure to please Zoids fans.


  • The Charged Particle Cannon is equipped on the end of the model’s long tail. The AZ 120mm Hyper Laser Gun and AZ 120mm Hyper Beam Gun can be deployed, allowing the central barrel to be extended and displayed in action.
  • The covers on the sides of the tail can be opened to convert the model to Sea Scorpion mode.
  • The Strike Laser Bite Scissors and Laser Cutters on the front legs are moveable just like in the Zoids universe.
  • The Strike Laser Bite Scissors can be opened and closed to reveal the AZ 105mm Linear Cannon stowed inside.
  • The armor on the head can be opened, revealing the model’s ommateum eyes recreated with clear parts. The cockpit can be opened to board a pilot figure inside.
  • The E-Shield Generator on the head armor can be extended.
  • The inner and outer Laser Fangs in the model’s mouth can be moved independently.
  • The powerful chest armor can be taken off to reveal the Zoid Core.
  • The base of the AZ 930mm Double-Barreled Shock Gun can be posed to adjust the angle of the weapon.
  • The Rocket Boosters on the back of the model are poseable.
  • The model’s four sets of legs are flexible and easy to pose. The claws on the ends can be adjusted for better stability.
  • The Thruster Hatch under the chest can be extended, and the nozzle part can be displayed on a Flying Base Neo.
  • Lenght: 450mm


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don’t need cement.
You don’t need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up
Original released: December 2015

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