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IBO Character Stand Plate: Orga Itsuka

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Orga Itsuka is a Voice by Johnny Bousch.


I WANT A REFUND. After I had finished building the stand it said in the instructions that I could move the joint up a ...

It's time to drop some REAL TALK here. No one at Gundam Planet will deny that our dude Orga is a handsome guy. We won't ever take that away from our friend here. HOWEVER, we do have to point out that there were maybe 15 other options for a character to put on a stand plate, all of whom piloted more mobile suits than him throughout the course of the entire series--which is to say they piloted a SINGLE ONE, ONE TIME. But here we are, migrating a listing for a stand plate whose character didn't pilot a single kit. Anyway.

This character stand plate comes with precolored backing so that you can display Orga as if the art were stained glass; it even comes with a peg that allows you to hang it on the wall if you'd like! It's probably better if you display your favorite HG IBO kit on it though!


Gundam Series Iron-Blooded Orphans

Grade/Scale Action Base

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

IBO Character Stand Plate: Orga Itsuka
Out of stock
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  • Perfect for fans of characters and shows! A new "character stand plate" series is great for interior decoration or display with your Gunpla.
  • The included stand arm allows you to use this as a display plate or an action base for your HG IBO models!
  • More characters, especially leads, are planned for the future!