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PCD02 Kalon Quiet Compact Compressor & Airbrush Set

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Introducing the new compressor "Kalon", which is simple and easy for anyone to pick up! We have realized a product concept that achieves both a sufficient air volume for airbrush painting and a quiet driving sound. It can be used without a transformer both in Japan and overseas.

Product specifications
Material: Karon Body: PBT
Air hose: EVA
Airbrush stand: PP
Air hose: Reduced length: 360mm / Extension: 2900mm
Product size: Length 135 x Width 83.5 x Height 85 (mm)
Body weight: 670g
Discharged air volume: 4.5L / min or more at40Kpa
Airbrush: PS274 Procon BOY WA Double Action 0.3mm (msrp $120)
Operating sound: 40 dB or less (when air hose / air brush is connected)
Country of origin: Japan

Accessories: Spiral Air Hose (White), Airbrush stand, AC adapter, PS274 Procon BOY WA Double Action

Brand Mr.Hobby

Grade/Scale Tool

PCD02 Kalon Quiet Compact Compressor & Airbrush Set
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How to use

Notes on using the compressor

  • If you use the compressor continuously for one hour, let the compressor rest for about one hour until the internal motor cools down.
  • It cannot be used for purposes other than this intended use.
  • Do not disassemble, modify, or repair the main unit.
  • Do not give a strong impact to the main unit.
  • Please stop using the product when it makes a strange noise or its performance decreases.
  • Do not use in places with high temperatures such as direct sunlight.
  • Do not use outdoors.
  • Use the dedicated AC adapter.

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